Dongdi Park completed the green belt

2018-08-10 17:08

The reporter learned from the TEDA Greening Group that the Dongdi Park in Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city (the Eco-city for short) has been completed and is now in the green planting and maintenance period. The reporter learned at the scene that the greening workers have overcome problems of high winds and high salinity at the seaside, using scientific methods of rational layout, fine-fed management and sufficient saline-alkali greening experience to make the abundant vegetation of the Dongdi Park along the coast.

According to reports, the total area of Dongdi Park is 350,000 square meters, with a total length of 3.1 kilometers, of which the green area is 260,000 square meters, to connect the double greenway system at Binhai green road and the Binhai longwall greenway. The four parts, i.e., the natural historical coast, the recreational and recreational coast, the eco-tech coast and the nautical cultural coast are clustered together with five major thematic nodes and three small functional nodes.

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