Four Great Actions in TBNA Promote Construction of Healthy Campus to Improve Students' Health Literacy: More than 95% of students to meet health standards next year

2018-08-10 17:12

The reporter learned from relevant departments that in order to continuously improve the health of the majority of primary and secondary school students, Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA) will promote the construction of Healthy Campus and guide primary and middle school students to develop good habits and lifestyles. By the end of 2019, the school health education curriculum system in TBNA will be basically established. 100% of primary and secondary schools meet the standards of health promotion schools, teachers and students and their health literacy level will be improved by 20%. More than 95% of the students' physical fitness will meet the Ministry of Education's National Student Health Standards.

According to the requirements of Healthy Campus campaign, TBNA will adopt four measures: health education curriculum construction action, health behavior development action, health management quality service action, and health basic ability guarantee action, to enhance teachers and students' health awareness and self-care ability, and comprehensively improve health literacy level of primary and secondary school students in Binhai New Area. Among them, TBNA will establish and improve the school health education curriculum system, and incorporate health education as an important part of quality education into the school's teaching plan, including the school's talent training objectives and curriculum system. The compulsory education stage is not less than 10 class hours per semester, and in high school stage, not less than 5 class hours per semester. Mental health education will be an important part of school health education to be engaged in the relevant teaching arrangements. TBNA will strengthen the construction of adolescent health education bases inside and outside the school, and promote the co-construction of health education model of community extracurricular and school classroom, knowledge popularization and educational activities, so that students can be educated and get healthy life skills in the process of contact with society and nature. The establishment of health promotion schools will comprehensively improve the school's health environment, comprehensively improve the school's health level, and comprehensively ban smoking in primary and secondary schools. It will improve the common disease monitoring system and infectious disease prevention and control system for students, strengthen the comprehensive prevention and treatment of common diseases such as malnutrition, obesity, myopia, dental caries and anemia, monitor and warn students' infectious diseases, fully implement the national child immunization program, and effectively curb influenza epidemics such as influenza, hand, foot and mouth disease, and measles.

TBNA also plans to incorporate the school's health infrastructure construction into the school's overall construction plan, focusing on solving the outstanding problems of poor school students' drinking conditions and inadequate drinking water facilities for students, and ensuring that the school's teaching environment and student living conditions fully meet national standards. It will establish district-level health care institutions, undertake the guidance and management of school health education in the district, monitor the physical health status of students, organize the implementation of routine physical examinations for students, prevent common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases of students, and prevent infectious diseases. Schools of all levels and types shall implement the construction of school medical clinics or health care rooms in accordance with relevant state regulations and requirements, and provide multi-disciplinary health care personnel with corresponding qualifications to gradually implement one full-time health care for every 600 students. For less than 600 students, at least one part-time health care worker is provided.

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