Tianjin Border Inspection Station launched a 1000 service measure to help with quick port customs clearance: 70 ships have tasted the one-time customs clearance

2018-08-10 17:13

The reporter learned from the Tianjin border checkpoint on August 7 that since July, it has launched a 1000 service measure to help the port quickly clear customs, and used more workload of the police to exchange the less workload of the masses for the majority of services with practical convenience. Up to now, the service new measures have been launched for more than a month. There have been 70 one-time services for the vessels, and they have accepted the appointment for the crew to board the ship for 25 times. The police on duty have checked the boarding personnel for more than 130 passengers.

"1" – One-time ship inspection procedure

In order to reduce the number of staff from ship agent companies to hit the inspection hall from the ship and the border and the time for the ship to be processed, the Tianjin Border Inspection Station took the initiative to apply the concept of maximum once hit to the hall for the port ship inspection procedures. In the future, when the ship agency company handles the entry and exit (port) of the ship, and has provided the declaration and crew documents in the immigration formalities without any new boarding ships, it is not necessary to go to the border inspection hall to go through the formalities.

"0" - Zero Gap in port operations

In order to solve the problem of long-term loading and unloading of cargo in bulk cargo ships, in order to further reduce the operating cost of the ship's company and improve the efficiency of the use of the terminal, the Tianjin border checkpoint intervened in advance through the police force to realize the seamless connection of the ship from the port to the loading and unloading. Before the ship that has completed the pre-inspection procedures in the future, the border check-in police will carry out the document inspection of the ship boarding workers in advance. Under the premise of ensuring the safety of the port control, the ship does not need to wait for the check-in procedure after the port is closed and can board the ship immediately.

"0" - Zero Waiting for changing the crew

In order to further shorten the waiting time for the crew to handle the immigration formalities, the Tianjin border checkpoint took the initiative to attack, and the frontier service was carried out to carry out the crew-free boarding procedures for non-reservation and queuing-free services. If there are a large number of crew members who go through the procedures for boarding and disembarking, they will be checked by the border police and the ship's agent will go to the border inspection and inspection hall.

“0”—— Zero Distance for approvals and certificates

In order to reduce the waiting time of the service target and reduce the number of supplementary materials for the round-trip inspection, the Tianjin Border Inspection Station fully utilizes the big data application technology to let the data run, and implement the administrative license online. In the future, it will apply for the administrative license certificate issued by Tianjin Border Inspection Station, and send the application materials to the official WeChat of Tianjin Border Inspection Station via mobile phone or upload it to the designated mailbox. After the approval is passed, the applicant can obtain the documents at the duty station at the border checkpoint.

The relevant person in charge of the Tianjin Border Inspection Station stated that the 1000 service measures for the rapid customs clearance at the port was a specific practice of the port inspection to apply the people-centered work concept of the National Immigration Administration after the implementation of the new policy of Chinese citizens entering and leaving the queue in no more than 30 minutes.

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