Residents in TBNA prefer cool routes for summer travels

2018-08-10 17:15

Halfway through the summer, are you traveling? Recently, major tourism platforms have announced the Summer Tourism Big Data Report2018. Tianjin ranks among the top 15 tourist destinations and is far ahead in terms of per capita expenditure. The reporter learned from a number of travel agencies that the citizens of Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA) ushered in the peak period, and compared with previous years, there were many new features this summer.

Domestic tour: Cool routes for parent-child travel

The reporter learned from the major online travel platforms and the new travel agency stores that compared with the high tourist fees of 10,000 yuan in the southern island tourism in winter, the summer cost has dropped a lot, and even the trip below 1000 yuan, but because the low latitude, hot climate and other factors, less travelers chose it.

Summer getaway in summer vacations have become important considerations for people. Cool routes such as northern seaside cities, mountainous areas, and grassland scenic areas are more popular. According to the survey data of Lvmama Travel Network, this summer, forestry tourism has become a new feature, and some national forest parks have attracted a large number of tourists. The reporter learned from the Dagang Xiaguang Road store that residents in TBNA traveled short-term such as Beidaihe, Yesanpo, Bailixia, etc.; long-term routes such as the three northeastern provinces, Changbai Mountain, Tibet, Sichuan, Qinghai, Xinjiang, etc. to avoid hot climat.

The reporter learned from the China Youth Travel Service that the summer vacation is a parent-child tour season, and the theme parks suitable for parent-child travel are very popular. For example, citizens of TBNA have more choices for the Shanghai Disneyland, and more people prefer self-service tour than the group tour while most people choose to take a series of tours around the Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. For example, Suzhou Garden and Zhejiang Wuzhen are suitable for traveling with the elderly and family members.

Overseas travel: Short-term, low-cost, animation and exotic tastes

Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia have always been popular destinations for outbound tourists in TBNA. However, due to safety incidents in Phuket this summer, staff of some travel agencies will take the initiative to advise the public not to travel. Judging from the order records of various tourism platforms, Russia has become a destination for overseas travel destinations this year, and has become a new place for many middle-class people to travel abroad. This summer, many fans in TBNA went to Russia to watch the World Cup and shared the events and feelings with netizens through the live broadcast platform.

In addition, Japan has become the preferred travel country for overseas travel in TBNA for three consecutive years. According to industry insiders, the generation born after 2000 is catching up with the popularity of Japanese animation culture in China. This year they graduated from high school and traveled after the college entrance examination. Therefore, Japan became the first choice.

In addition, the reporter interviewed a number of citizens to understand that most people choose to travel to neighboring countries for their outbound travel, while honeymoon trips are more desirable for Europe, America and Australia. In addition, according to survey statistics, for 76% of high school graduates, this summer outbound tour is usually the first time for them to leave the country. Therefore, countries with shorter routes, lower consumption, more regional cuisine, and exotic customs are often selected such as Saipan, Koh Samui, Nha Trang and so on.

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