Theme activities and night gatherings contribute to popular tourist attractions: Tourism in TBNA widely favored

2018-08-13 16:45

“In summer, I always like to go to a place with water to play. We drove from Beijing to Binhai New Area in the morning, played in the beach of Dongjiang Bay during the day, and enjoyed the night view of the 'Kiev' aircraft carrier in the evening. This weekend is very fulfilling,” said Zhang Tian, a tourist from Beijing, to reporters.

Nowadays, during the tourist season in Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short), the major theme parks are bustling, and the beaches and farmyards are welcoming tourists. What kind of sports has been adopted in the tourism industry in TBNA this year to be more popular? The reporter conducted a depth interview.

Featured theme activities gather popularity.

“Every time I come to TBNA, I will experience new activities that are different. Like the Avatar Fantasy Light Show that we watched in Ronda, it uses high-tech means to restore the movie scene and reproduce the story of light, shadow and Avatar here. After reading it, it was really shocking," said Wang Yang, a tourist from Tangshan, to reporters.

“It is difficult to add new scenic spots, but it is easy to add new activities.” In the case of relatively stable resources in the scenic spots and increasingly fierce competition in the surrounding areas, it is quite important to enrich the holiday life of the citizens of TBNA and attract new tourists and returning customers to visit here. It is claimed that during this year's tourism gold season, the district tourism department launched ten major theme tourism activities and 40 series of activities, covering swimming in the sea, eating in the beach, Happy Binhai, cultural Binhai and other aspects, so that the public here can have fun and enjoy themselves.

For example, in the Avatar light show that just ended in Ronda, with the movie Avatar as the background, the landscaping of the original 15 theme venues of the Ronda Magic City Plant Kingdom are upgraded, and the Avatar Tree of Life and the Fantasy Medusa Promenade are launched. Exhibitions such as desert treasure hunt, lighting, technology, interaction, fantasy and nature, have been widely praised by tourists. Every weekend, visitors are bursting. The Bombardier International Motorboat Invitational Tournament, which will be held in the Dongjiang Bay Scenic Area, will bring a stunning sea iron man performance, and the new theme activities will also bring together a huge crowd of people.

It is claimed that since the beginning of the tourist season in mid-May, TBNA has launched the BINGO Experience Season, the International Kite Festival and other theme activities and nearly 20 scenic tourism activities, bringing together logistics, capital flow, information flow, and a strong flow of people, to effectively improve the popularity of tourism in TBNA.

Night tour mode ignites TBNA.

In addition to the featured theme activities, the Night Tour Mode is also an important part of the tourist attraction season. More and more new attractions in TBNA have opened the night mode. Since the summer, the tourist attractions such as TEDA Aircraft Theme Park, Fantawild World, and Tianjin Happy Water Cube have launched night tours.

For example, in the TEDA Aircraft Theme Park, the Kiev aircraft carrier debuted in the night, and the Speed Stunt night show also attracted tourists to shout; in the Fantawild World, from this month, the night tour will be open for more than a month. 27 theme projects are prolonged to 20:30 every day. Visitors can experience the different charms of the project in the day and night, and the spark steel flower show will also be shocked; in the Happy Water Cube, according to thefeatures of sunlight exposure at daytime in summer, a night-time project and a variety of themed events are held. “After entering the volcano, a large number of tourists came to visit, especially after the evening, there were a lot of tourists. In the total number of tourists received throughout the day, night visitors accounted for nearly half,” the relevant person in charge of the Happy Water Cube said.

“The stay time of tourists is an important measure of tourism attractiveness and competitiveness. Its role in the development of tourism destinations is unquestionable. Especially in the summer tourist season, the scenic area extends business hours, and launches a series of activities according to the characteristics of nighttime to attract visitors," the relevant person in charge of the Binhai New Area Business Committee said.

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