Tianjin Starts to Conduct the Biggest Power Supply Receiving Project on “Water, Power, Heat Supply and Property Management”

2018-08-16 18:17

On August 13, the reporter learned from State Grid Binhai New Area Electric Power Company that the company has started to replace intelligent electric meters in courts and for residents and non-resident users of Yangguang Jiayuan Community, Dagang Oilfield, which indicates that the biggest power supply receiving project on “water, power, heat supply and property management” is conducted in Tianjin.

In this project, the zone of staff’s families in Dagang Oilfield is the power supply transfer area with the largest single-family receiving area and the most households, involving 73 thousand residents and 6 thousand social and commercial users, which are about a half of overall transfer users in Tianjin. The project started on August 11 and will end at the end of November. It is estimated that 800 to 1200 intelligent electric meters will be replaced every day.

It is learned that the power supply receiving of “water, power, heat supply and property management” is a political task arranged by the Party Central Committee and the State Council, aiming to deepen reform. There are 16 companies in Binhai New Area relating to the separation and transfer of power supply of “water, power, heat supply and property management”. After the completion of the project, the state-owned companies will successfully get rid of the historical social function on power supply, which can lighten their burdens, focus on business environment optimization, and implement social responsibilities.

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