Tianjin·Binhai Enterprise Roadshow Center kicked off: Tianjin OTC Binhai New Area Operation Center unveiled

2018-08-23 09:27

On August 20, the launching ceremony of Tianjin Binhai Enterprise Roadshow Center was held in MIG Financial Building of Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short). At the same time, the opening ceremony of the Tianjin OTC Binhai New Area Operation Center and the first training road show were held. Deputy District Governor Zhao Yongqiang attended and delivered a speech.

Zhao Yongqiang said that in order to further enhance the supporting role of multi-level capital markets in regional economic development and enterprise transformation and upgrading, the District Financial Services Bureau in TBNA and Tianjin Binhai Over-the-Counter Market Co., Ltd. and GF Securities Co., Ltd. jointly established Tianjin OTC Binhai Operation Center. The Operation Center will build a full-process business platform for OTC listing services, and effectively support the development of small and medium-sized micro-enterprises that meet the national policy direction and have potential for development. The landing of Tianjin OTC Binhai New Area Operation Center will provide more diverse services and support for enterprises in TBNA. In the next step, TBNA will work closely with the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Tianjin OTC and joint operating agencies to normalize the activities with the help of platforms such as the Road Show Center and the Operation Center, and strive to provide better support for TBNA's innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises to effectively connect with the capital market to develop and grow.

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