Jiachengyuan Project awarded National Green Construction Demonstration

2018-08-24 15:14

Recently, the 7th block of the peasant resettlement housing (Jiachengyuan) project in the west of Nantian Road, which was built by the MCC Tiangong Group Coporation Ltd. in the Tanggu Xintang plot group, passed the acceptance in the fourth batch of national construction industry green construction demonstration project. The acceptance was qualified and awarded the honorary title of National Construction Industry Green Construction Demonstration Project by China Construction Industry Association.

The project is located in the south of Jingshan South Road, Tianjin Binhai New Area, north of Tong'an Road, east of Zitian Road, and square area west of Nantian Road. Covering an area of 68660.4 square meters, the building area is 176,867.57 square meters, including underground garage and 1#-18# high-rise residential, ancillary buildings and outdoor projects, of which the underground garage construction area is 26017.83 square meters. Since the start of construction, the project department of MCC Group has formulated the targets of low carbon, environmental protection, energy conservation and consumption reduction according to the Green Construction Guidelines and Green Evaluation Standards for Construction Projects issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. During the construction process, the project department has formulated a series of management systems and programs such as Green Construction Management System, Green Construction Inspection and Evaluation System and Special Plan for Dust Reduction and Noise Reduction, and submitted them to management personnel in various forms such as disclosure and publicity. The construction personnel publicized the green construction practices and the green construction concept, which not only improved the project quality and construction efficiency, but also saved the resources to the greatest extent, resulting in better economic and social benefits.

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