Airport Hospital Uses Intelligent Hospital Guiding Robot “Xiaoyi”

2018-08-27 16:33

“Hi, I’m Xiaoyi, ask me if you have any problems!” On August 23, a special intelligent robot, “Xiaoyi”, started to work in the hall of Tianjin Medical University General Hospital Airport Hospital, which was the first intelligent hospital and healthcare guiding robot used in Tianjin. Xiaoyi’s appearance has drawn the public’s attention. In future, this kind of robots will be used in other hospitals.

The reporter learned that the robot “Xiaoyi” was created through the AIUI human-computer interaction technique of iFLYTEK. With a clear and sweet voice, “Xiaoyi” can communicate with people by sounds, images, gestures, and other natural interaction methods to identify and understand colloquial expressions. “Xiaoyi” has a cute figure and a considerate “heart”. Its round head has “remembered” more than 10 000 pieces of medical common sense. Besides, it keeps “learning” to fill in its knowledge base. In spare time, robot “Xiaoyi” will wait for providing services and it can be “woken up” when just “hearing”: Hello, Xiaoyi! Then, clients can enjoy services, such as showing ways, providing intelligent healthcare services, etc.

Wang Hailong, delivery manager of the project of iFLYTEK, said that “Xiaoyi” will realize healthcare diagnosis and guiding within hospitals by the interaction with patients, which can lessen the pressure of healthcare guiding nurse stations, save manpower, and also promote efficiency. Currently, iFLYTEK is committed to accelerating the implementation of hospital department guidance. As long as patients scan the QR code on the screen of robots using their cellphones, they can enjoy real-time off-line services on department guidance, which is convenient for patients to find their registered departments. Thus, patients can experience the new intelligent healthcare and AI healthcare can benefit more residents.

The reporter learned from the review that “Xiaoyi” has high voice discrimination ability. Even in the noisy environment like the hall of out-patient department, it can distinguish voice sources intelligently. Besides, “Xiaoyi” has intelligent memory function, which means it can answer all questions following their order and make eye contact and body interaction with people.

Zhang Peng, vice superintendent of Tianjin Medical University General Hospital Airport Hospital, said that the hospital has continually improved healthcare service quality and patients’ experience. Aiming to be the most dynamic and powerful tertiary hospital in Binhai New Area, the hospital will further speed up the establishment of modernized intelligent hospital. After the establishment of the medical AI ability platform, the multi-modal medical voice input system, the specific voice EMR system, cloud doctors, the AI assisted diagnosis, the imaging diagnosis system, the intelligent voice follow-up visit system of healing stage, etc., the hospital will realize AI of the whole process before, during and after diagnosis and promote diagnosis quality to make the reform achievements to benefit more people.

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