With Pilot FTZ, S&T enterprises on fast track

2018-08-28 16:57

Deepening reform and opening up, building a new system of development, and accelerating the formation of the institutional mechanism and development mode that leads the new normal of economic development. The Tianjin National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone has shouldered such a reform mission since it was listed. The National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone plays the role of a leader in the gathering of innovative elements, and implements an innovation-driven development strategy to make innovation flourish and bloom everywhere. Since the Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone (the High-tech Zone for short) is a core part of Binhai New Area, the iconic achievement of its institutional innovation – Chuangtongpiao, or a package of services for innovation and entrepreneur is gradually releasing its influence, fully supporting innovation and entrepreneurship, realizing the agglomeration and optimization of innovative resource elements, and letting the High-tech Zone continue to add innovation vitality and motivation.

On August 2 this year, in the core area of the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, a policy announcement on the Angel Investment Guidance Fund Management Measures in Tianjin was underway. Yan Fangchao, the founder of Tianjin Bool Technology Co., Ltd. from the High-tech Zone, as a representative of the investment enterprises of the Commission of Science and Technology in Tianjin, presented the project to more than 130 investment institutions, research institutes and representatives of technology companies. Just two days ago, Bool Technology has just been selected for the list of China Outstanding Innovation Project in Automotive Intelligent Technology 2018 selected by the China Electronic Information Industry Association.

“The timeline for the company's growth just overlaps with the approval of the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone. With the construction of the Zone, the development of Bool Technology seems to have also been on a hitchhike,” Yan Fangchao recalled.

Founded in 2014, Bool Technology and Tianjin National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone are just the same age, and the registration place of this company is the core area of the Zone – Tianjin Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone. From 2014 to 2018, in just four years, founder Yan Fangchao adhered to the direction of the automotive electronic control system and automotive data intelligence solutions, the initial team of only a few members of the entrepreneurial team gradually led to a national high-tech enterprise with 10 master's degrees and 8 doctors, with a scale of over 90% of bachelor degrees or above.

“This year, Bool Technology has set its sales revenue target at more than 35 million yuan.” Yan Fangchao excitedly introduced the “6+4 Policy”, “Three Seven Policies”, “Chuangtongpiao” and “Emerging Enterprise Cultivation System” in the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone. With the support of policy innovation and institutional innovation, Bool Technology is developing very rapidly. The company not only obtained the angel round financing of 4 million yuan, but also achieved the strategic industry-university-research cooperation mode with Tianjin University and China Automotive Technology Research Center. It has become the leading domestic high-tech company and a first-tier supplier for major domestic OEM.

The reporter learned that as early as 2015, Bool Technology won the certification of a national high-tech enterprise. At present, the company has applied for more than 60 intellectual property rights, of which more than 20 software copyrights have been authorized. In March of this year, Bool Technology became the first batch of national science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises in Tianjin in 2018; last September, products of Bool Technology won the reward of Tianjin Special New Product 2017. Even Yan Fangchao himself was awarded the title of Hero for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Binhai New Area last year. The innovation ability and innovation vitality of the company are evidence.

“Before the establishment of the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises like ours would need to spend a lot of time, energy and cost to prepare for the high-tech enterprise and intellectual property rights. After the formation of the 'Chuangtongpiao' system, special services such as 'High Service Package' 'Intellectual Property Service Package' 'New Third Board Service Package' 'New Fourth Board Service Package' have emerged. This kind of government-funded pattern with institutional services and enterprises benefit forms a good closed loop, so that every penny can be used on the cutting edge."

"Whether the service is good is subject to the company for the final say, the government will pay for the third-party service agencies according to the evaluation of that company. At present, Bool Technology enjoys a total of 100,000 yuan in the package in the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, saving tens of thousands of dollars each year. Yan Fangchao said that the government's mode of paying according to the service results has greatly improved the utilization rate and utilization of funds. In addition, there are additional policies such as deductions, technology development fee VAT exemptions, etc., and many technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises like Bool Technology have quenched their thirst.

Yan Fangchao believes that the Chuangtongpiao system, as a special business card in the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, has greatly improved the service efficiency and service quality of the entire zone. At the same time, such institutional innovations have also loosely tied technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises within the zone, allowing them to have fewer burdens and continue to innovate.

In the actual interview, the reporter found that there are still many companies in the fast-growing enterprise such as Bool Technology. From the end of 2014 to 2018, the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone has transformed from a blueprint of concept to a measurable construction achievement and innovation, and its leading role has become increasingly evident. Especially in the past two years, it has continued to focus on reform and tackling the strength, and has promoted the vitality of development through institutional innovation. Focusing on the innovation ecology and continuously improving the quality and efficiency of various innovation entities, it has become the main driving force for innovation in Tianjin.

According to the relevant statistics of the Municipal Commission of Science and Technology, the total number of registered enterprises in the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone in Tianjin has exceeded 110,000, and nearly 30 new R&D institutions have been built, initially forming a leading industrial cluster of information technology, high-end equipment and biomedicine. It supports the core carrier of innovation and development. The proportion of science and technology enterprises, Little Giants and national high-tech enterprises that have settled in the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone accounted for more than 30%, 40% and 56% respectively.

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