New school for new semester

2018-08-31 10:10

On August 27, the national anthem resounded in the primary and secondary schools in Binhai New Area. More than 180,000 primary and middle school students here welcomed the first day of the new semester. At the same time, Tianjin Normal University Binhai Affiliated School and Binhai High-tech Zone No. 1 Middle School were officially put into use, welcoming the first batch of freshmen.

“The new school is really high in value, and the environment is very good. The functional facilities are very complete.” Liu Li, parent of a student who first entered the Tianjin Normal University Binhai affiliated school, told the reporter that such a beautiful school, the children are looking forward to the future study life. It is claimed that each classroom is equipped with a fresh air filtration system, which can effectively cope with the effects of smog weather and create a more comfortable environment for teachers and students. The newly-delivered first-grade school building in the Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone is also beautiful and the windows are clear. It is claimed that the No.1 High-tech Zone School includes the primary and secondary schools, the middle school, the high school, as well as the cultural and sports buildings, laboratory buildings, psychological counseling centers and other educational and teaching facilities.

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