FAW-Volkswagen North China Base held production ceremony

2018-09-03 17:24

The annual production capacity of the FAW-Volkswagen North China production base has reached 300,000 units. The production ceremony of the new base was officially held last night.

In July 2014, during the visit of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to China, under the witness of the Chinese and German prime ministers, China FAW Motor Co., Ltd. and Volkswagen AG of Germany signed an announcement on new establishment of FAW-Volkswagen's new production base in Beijing. The joint announcement announced that FAW-Volkswagen North China Base has settled in Tianjin. The base was officially started in May 2016 and was put into trial production in November last year.

The reporter learned that the base has a planned production capacity of 300,000 vehicles/year, and the leading products are Volkswagen brand A+SUV models and Audi brand models. At the same time, the maximum size (length, width) of the coating and final assembly meets the conditions for the production of the B-class cars.

According to reports, the completion and commissioning of the FAW-Volkswagen North China Base is expected to drive the total output value of component suppliers to 30 billion to 40 billion yuan. It will further enhance the brand image and influence of FAW-Volkswagen in the North China region, and will become a key step for FAW-Volkswagen to realize the 2025 Strategy. While helping FAW-Volkswagen maintain its advantages in the market competition, as the new leader of Binhai New Area's automobile industry, the development of the base will have an important driving force for regional industry and economy. In the future, FAW-Volkswagen North China Base will also introduce new energy products, which will undoubtedly boost the accelerated development of Binhai New Area in the field of new energy vehicles.

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