Dongjiang Free Trade Port Zone of Tianjin Has Recently Established Many Leasing and Factoring Projects to Drive New Financial Industry

2018-09-04 11:23

The new financial industry of Dongjiang Free Trade Port Zone, focusing on financial leasing and commercial factoring, has formed the remarkable agglomerate effect. The reporter learned from Management Committee of Dongjiang Free Trade Port Zone that an establishment tide of financial leasing and commercial factoring is going on, which indicates that a batch of projects on financial leasing and commercial factoring, including Jiahe international financial leasing, Hexing factoring, and Xinlu commercial factoring, have been recently established. In future, these projects will further play the role of financial industry to serve the real economy, aiming to contribute to the development of Dongjiang’s new financial industry.

It is learned that Jiahe International Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. is founded based on the investment of Jiayou International Logistics Co., Ltd. and Power Sky Hong Kong Limited, PSL (H.K.) Ltd. with the registered capital of ¥100 million. In future, taking the advantage of financial innovation and policy supporting, the project will explore cross-border integrated logistics and supply chain services in multiple ways and also carry out financial leasing services based on the Belt and Road Initiative. Dezhou Communications Transportation Investment & Development Group Co., Ltd. has established a registered company, namely, Hexing (Tianjin) Commercial Factoring Co., Ltd. This company is committed to transportation for better promoting its business development and also enhances financial supporting on large-scale transportation industry, such as vehicle sales and trade logistics. Moreover, in the terms of financial scale and variety, the project can form complementation relationship and crossed dominancewith the company. Tianjin Xinlu Financial Factoring Co., Ltd. established by Sina, is an important platform subordinate to Sina Finance, which will cooperate with Sina Weibo and Sina Portal Web based on powerful capital strength and social influence of its shareholder, Sina, to provide financial factoring services to the supply chain. Besides, Huolala, Beijing Capital Agribusiness Group, Ruiganglian Group, and other companies have also established leasing factoring companies.

The person in charge of Dongjiang Free Trade Port Zone said the rapid development of the new financial industry of Dongjiang has formed remarkable agglomerate effect. The leasing area has agglomerate 2754 leasing companies with the accumulative registered capital of ¥468.5 billion. The leasing objects involve many sectors, including aircraft, ship marine engineering, high-end equipment, rail locomotive, educational facility, medical apparatus and instrument, energy conservation and environment protection, electrical energy, intangible asset, infrastructure, etc. The total accumulative leasing capital has exceeded ¥900 billion and the leasing area has become the most concentrated area of national leasing capital. In commercial factoring sector, Dongjiang has gathered about 340 commercial factoring companies. Theshareholders are mainly in the fields with abundant upstream and downstream customer resources, involving in finance, steel, medicine, Internet, communication, manufacturing, trade, etc. The scale of factoring business has been expanded all over the world.

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