Perceptual robot Manus communicates with people in body language

2018-09-20 19:54

“Building an innovative society in the fourth industrial revolution” is the theme of this summer Davos. Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, internet of things and genetic editing have become the focus of this forum. In the exhibition area of the venue, a row of Manus-aware robots and humans continued to interact with their body language, becoming the first day of highlights.

It is reported that the Manus-aware robot is an interactive device designed by designer Madeline Gannon and supported by the famous robotic and artificial intelligence companies ABB and NIVDIA. According to field staff, Manus offers another perspective on the relationship between people and machines, using the robot's body language to express emotional states, and its behavior can be used as a medium between human visitors and 10 interactively connected perceived industrial robots. Develop empathy.

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