Interactive device has "digital track" and can "know people's health by sound"

2018-09-20 19:55

Speak a few words to the machine to automatically analyze your age, mood, fatigue and blood pressure. On the first day of Davos in summer, the reporter saw in the interactive installation area that the “digital track” booth of intelligent voice recognition technology brought by Carnegie Mellon University in the United States was in front of people. People tested the microphones one by one, and after making accurate conclusions, they burst into a whisper.

“Everyone’s voice is unique and can convey a lot of personal information.” According to the staff before the booth, the technology can instantly analyze its identity by analyzing the sound size, pitch, audio information and health status, etc. of human beings. At present, the main application direction of this technology is in the field of medical health, and the other is in the field of national security.

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