100,000 "Flying Elf" arrived at Beidagang Wetland

2018-10-11 13:08

After a short period of nearly half a year, during the National Day period, a large number of migratory birds "leading troops" from the northern breeding grounds to the southern wintering areas arrived at the Beidagang Wetland. As an important “recharge station” in the migration route of birds in eastern Asia, the Beidagang Wetland will usher in the peak of migratory birds’ migration after half a month.

100,000 migratory birds arrived at Beidagang Wetland.

"After October, there have been a large number of birds coming from afar to the Beidagang Wetland. Cold air appeared in the last two days. It is estimated that the swan will also arrive." On October 8, according to Yao Qingfeng, head of the Wildlife Conservation Division of the Beidagang Wetland Natural Reserve, based on the monitoring records of previous years, the wintering migratory birds will generally gather in the wetlands in early October, and will continue to move south after the ice is completely frozen. The arrival time of the migratory birds in the south this year is basically the same as that of previous years. Through the patrol records of the patrol personnel during the National Day period, there are already geese, white egrets, red-breasted ducks, crested pheasants, oriental white storks, etc. 88 species of birds have settled in the Beidagang Wetland, with an initial estimate of more than 100,000.

In addition, the reporter also learned from the good news in the interview: dozens of left-behind oriental white storks have settled in the wetland, and 10 small white storks have been hatched this summer, which was the most in history.

According to reports, as the weather turns cold, it is expected that in mid-to-late October, swan, oriental white storks, cranes, etc. will come together. At that time, the "Swan Lake" in the Beidagang Wetland will be staged again.

Multiple measures to protect birds

The Beidaogang Wetland of Tianjin Binhai New Area has always been a transit or destination for migratory birds’ migration due to its unique natural resources and enhanced protection from year to year. There are eight migratory bird migration routes in the world, one of which is transiting in Beidagang Wetland, namely the “East Asia-Australia” line. Every year in the spring and autumn, hundreds of thousands of birds fly to Beidagang Wetland and stop here for a long time. Therefore, the Beidagang Wetland is known as the paradise of migrant birds.

In order to meet these long-distance "guests", the Beidagang Wetland Nature Reserve began preparations after this year's peak of spring migratory bird. For the sixth consecutive year, the method of proliferation and release was used to deliver 20,000 kg of fry in batches to provide food supply for birds; 32 panoramic cameras were installed at 14 points to improve the level of technical defense; and vegetation restoration work was carried out without interruption. The salt-tolerant plants such as reeds and soda stalks were successively restored.

The reporter also learned from the municipal water department that in order to reserve strategic water sources, ensure the normal supply of water and ecological functions of the Beidagang Reservoir, and improve the water environment quality in the southern region, the municipal water department plans to start diverting 300 million to 500 million cubic meters of water from the Beidagang Reservoir in mid-October.

It is claimed that the municipal water department will implement the water diversion route of the “Induced Open Channel – Haihe – Ziya River – Heilongjiang River – Gang Tuanhe – Youth Canal – Beidagang Reservoir” to the Beidagang Reservoir to increase water reservoir reserves. In order to ensure the smooth water transfer process, a new temporary pumping station with a flow rate of 20 m3/s was built, and the water transfer facilities such as the Babao Pumping Station, the Zhengguang Pumping Station and the Tuanbo Pumping Station along the water diversion were repaired.

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