"Sea rice" harvest year in TBNA

2018-10-11 13:09

A few days ago, the reporter went to Taiping Village in Taiping Town to see the golden rice fields in the strong and sturdy ears, showing a bumper harvest. Dou Guoyi, secretary of the Party Branch of Taiping Village, told reporters that this 500-acre golden paddy rice field is not an ordinary paddy field, but a high-tech "sea rice" that grows in saline-alkali land. The farmers in Taiping Village not only planted rice on the wasteland, but also achieved 900 kilograms of rice for the first time last year. The output is comparable to ordinary rice. It is claimed that this year, the village has taken out more than 500 acres of land to try again and to test alkaline-resistant rice, and the total output is expected to reach nearly 500,000 kg.

Creating the first “sea rice” brand in TBNA”

“As early as 2017, Academician Yuan Longping announced that it had cultivated high-alcohol-resistant alkaline rice. At that time, the two committees of the village had the idea of planting rice in the saline-alkali land in the village.” Dou Guoyi said, “In the village we mainly plant winter jujube, but in recent years, there has been excessive production so the market has become saturated while sales competition has become more intense. The winter jujube planting industry needs to be optimized and adjusted."

In June 2017, the two committees of the village thought of the latest research on salt-tolerant rice, new varieties and new technologies, and there must be a big market. Therefore, the village committee took the lead, and the agricultural cooperatives in the joint village contracted 20 mu of land, and invited more than ten technicians from the field to start planting “sea rice” in the saline-alkali land.

“‘Sea Rice’ is a common name for salt-tolerant rice, not literally “using water directly to irrigate rice”, but a type of rice that can grow in saline-alkali soils,” explained by Dou Guoyi. The first thing to overcome in order to successfully grow rice in saline-alkali land is the possible effect of saline-alkali land on crops. The soil salt content of Taiping Village is more than 15‰, which is a heavy saline-alkali land. In order to improve the soil, the village and the partner company's sea rice research and development center actively docked, using scientific methods to reduce soil salinity and reduce pH. After more than 120 days of growth, the first phase of “sea rice” sprouted, rooted, tillered, headed, grouted, matured, and finally ended up on the table of the villagers. Tested by the Tianjin Quality Supervision Department, the rice quality of Taiping Village is Teyoumi, and the village has also created the rice brand of the first saline-alkali land in Tianjin Binhai New Area.

Harvest in less than a month and a half

“These alkaline-resistant rice has taken up enough sunlight. On weak alkaline soils, the temperature difference between day and night makes the rich trace element nutrients tightly locked in each grain of rice. The steamed rice is compared with other rice on the market. The taste is not inferior. Once sold, the villagers from neighborhood have not seen it because they have been snapped up by the residents of the village.” Dou Guoyi told reporters that “sea rice” harvest last year made the villagers happy, and now the harvest is in sight – the total output is expected to be nearly 250,000 kg. "Now the rice ear has been yellowed, and it is expected that it will not be out for a month and a half. The rice will win the harvesting season," Dou Guoyi said.

With the successful trial of “sea rice” for two years, the soil salinity of the rice fields in Taiping Village has not rebounded, and the prospects are very optimistic. “The harvest of 'sea rice' will definitely change the agricultural planting structure in the village, and at the same time provide new channels for villagers to increase their income,” said Dou Guoyi.

According to Dou Guoyi, next year, the village plans to set up a village-level cooperative, which will contract 2,000 mu of land and bring together “sea rice” to create a new brand of Taiping Village.

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