Manufacturing base of DEC's largest domestic direct-drive wind turbine unit off the assembly line in TBNA: "Big Mac" made in TBNA

2018-10-18 17:14

On October 16, the first DEW-D4000-148 land-based domestic direct-drive wind turbine independently developed by Dongfang Electric Corporation (Tianjin) Wind Power Technology Co., Ltd., a new enterprise, was successfully completed in the manufacturing base in Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short).

The DEW-D4000-148 Land Direct-drive Wind Turbine is a large-capacity, long-blade flagship product independently developed by DEC. It adopts platform design and has features such as dimension cost, high reliability, high integration, high efficiency, intelligence and low luck. The single unit capacity can be adjusted to 3.3-3.8 MW according to the project requirements, meeting the requirements of IEC II and III wind zones.

It is claimed that in the future, after mass production of the prototype, it can be widely applied to medium and high wind speed regions and overseas markets such as north China, which can effectively reduce the user's leveling electricity cost and improve the economic efficiency of the project.

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