Looking back on the development process and playing a thriving chapter

2018-11-02 15:45

"National strategy enables Binhai New Area become the pillar of Shenzhou; administrative unification enables Binhai New Area smash the raging winds..." The economic and cultural development achievements of Binhai New Area such as the magnificent recital, the petrochemical square, the port and dock, the Dongjiang Wharf, the Bestown Ancient Town and the Binhai New Area Library were unveiled on the large screen of the Opera Centre of the Binhai Cultural Center Performing Arts Center. The atmosphere of the concert with many famous Chinese musicians was also heated. This is a scene of the "New Era, New Journey of Tianjin Binhai New Area – Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening up" at the Binhai Cultural Center on October 30. The performance is based on original music and poetry to praise tremendous changes in the Binhai New Area since the reform and opening up 40 years ago.

The event was hosted by the district party committee and the district government and organized by the district party committee's publicity department and the district bureau of culture, radio and TV, aiming to showcase the open and innovative pattern, leading the future of the Binhai spirit, and singing the party's patriotic love of socialism. Nearly a thousand citizens of Binhai New Area watched the performance on the spot. The “Binhai News Release” was also broadcast live, and 226,000 people shared the cultural feast through the online platform.

Art review praises the history of Binhai New Area.

In addition to the concentrated development of the Binhai New Area in the recital program "Binhai in Advance", the concert also sorted out the development of Binhai New Area from time sequence.

The concert consists of five parts: preface, story of the spring, Binhai symphony, new era of endeavor, and end. The works include famous Chinese musician Bao Yuankai, songwriters Yin Qing, Li Xin, Qu Yuan, and Che Xing who specialize in creating works featuring Binhai New Area, as well as the classic songs that emerged during the reform and opening up, and the excellent works that emerged in the Binhai New Area for the collection of original songs nationwide.

The chapter of story of spring includes works such as The Land Affected by the Sea, The Sea of Binhai and One Day One Appearance. They show the audience that the musicians went to Binhai New Area at different times since the establishment of its Administrative Region in 2009. Different feelings demonstrate the history of Binhai New Area from “a piece of deserted salty field” to “a legendary coastal area”so the history of Binhai New Area was reviewed in the form of art.

Music lingered to stimulate people to construct their hometown.

This well-designed performance was also assisted by the Chinese Song and Dance Theatre, the Central National Orchestra, the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, the Tianjin Conservatory of Music, the Tianjin Song and Dance Theatre, and the singers of the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission. They cooperated with the Tianjin Song and Dance Theatre Symphony Orchestra to make the music linger, which made the audience satisfied and long for next round.

“This concert is centered on new works, and there are works specially created for this concert. There are also works that won the 'Five-One Project Award'.” Dong Junjie, the national first-level conductor, share the secret of the music event to win the favor of audience. Hu Yue, the host of the Tianjin Radio and Television New District, who is also a guest performer at the concert and a witness to the development of Binhai New Area, shared his feelings. "I am very encouraged to see these earth-shaking events and breakthroughs in my hometown. I also hope that in this performance, everyone will remember everything and every builder here." Hu Yue feels that the future is in his hometown. With the joint efforts of the people, Binhai New Area will create even greater glory.

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