TBNA strives to improve the level of medical and healthcare services

2018-11-07 15:37

On November 5, the reporter learned from the District Health and Family Planning Key Work, Safety Production Work, Cultural Creation Work and Healthcare Management Training Meeting 2018 that in order to promote the healthy and orderly development of the health and family planning issue, Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short) will continue to deepen the reform of the medical and healthcare system, speed up the progress of infrastructure projects and improve the capacity of primary health care services.

Breaking through difficulties of comprehensive reform of public hospitals

It is claimed that the district health and family planning system thoroughly analyzes the bottlenecks that restrict the reform of the medical and healthcare system, and studies the methods and measures to solve the problems one by one. The hospital's core management system will be implemented, and the establishment of a modern hospital management system in TBNA will be actively explored; the working mechanism of the medical association will be strengthened, the existing medical association operating mechanism and comprehensive evaluation mechanism will be improved. Medical quality control and medical safety management will be strengthened, and shared resources between large hospitals and community healthcare service organizations will be realized; it will promote the development of "Internet + medical healthcare" and strengthen the construction of smart hospitals; second- and third-level hospitals will provide comprehensive services such as appointments for appointments, mobile payments, and self-test results of outpatient clinics to facilitate residents' medical treatment. It will promote the “Internet + Medication” family doctor contract and grading diagnosis and treatment model, encourage the development of personalized health management services to meet the contracting needs of different groups of people.

Quality grassroots service activities

The reporter learned that TBNA will speed up the construction of new projects such as the emergency hospital building of the No.5 Central Hospital of Tianjin, the Chinese Medicine Hospital of Binhai New Area, and the New Cancer Hospital of Binhai New Area. It will accelerate the completion and acceptance of the Binhai Hospital of the General Hospital of the Medical University and put it into use as soon as possible. It will accelerate the promotion of the second phase of the Dagang Hospital and strive to start construction as soon as possible. It will accelerate the renovation and upgrading of old medical and healthcare service institutions such as Hangu Street and Gangxi Street Community Health Service Center. It will improve the ability of primary health care services, plan to carry out high-quality grassroots service activities, accelerate the implementation of standardization of grassroots medical and healthcare institutions, formulate poverty alleviation programs for township healthcare centers, and promote the work of the following doctors in the medium hospitals to the township medical institutions for six months to one year. It will solve the problem of insufficient staff in rural healthcare institutions in remote areas.

TBNA will also speed up the construction of the 120 emergency system, speed up the establishment of the emergency center in the district, purchase ambulances and special vehicles, open the first-aid communication command and dispatch system of Binhai New Area, and build the command-type 120 emergency center of Binhai New Area to ensure pre-hospital first-aid resources are unified command, with unified scheduling and unified management.

Seriously rectification of "red envelopes" and "rebate"

The reporter also learned that TBNA will continue to do a good job in the construction of healthcare and family planning, strictly implement the Regulations on Strengthening the Construction of Professional Ethics and Strictly Clean up the Unreasonable Work of the Industry and the "Nine Restrictions" in the ethical campaign, and so on. In the medical field, the special action for stubborn dysentery and devastating warfare is an opportunity to collect clues to violations of professional ethics and violations of the interests of the masses through irregular channels such as unannounced visits, video surveillance reviews, and complaints from the public, and to seriously rectify activities affecting the interests of the masses and resolutely curbing the unhealthy trend of the medical industry such as “red envelopes” and “rebate”.

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