Capturing information can also "earn a fortune"

2018-11-07 15:38

The “Double Eleven” shopping spree was opened ahead of schedule, and express parcels from major e-commerce platforms came to the fore. Careful citizens may have discovered that with the development of the online shopping industry, the cushioning packaging materials used to protect fragile goods have changed. Traditional foam cushioning, pearl cotton cushioning and corrugated cardboard cushioning packaging have gradually been replaced by airbag cushion packaging.

The ProPak China 2018 Shanghai International Processing and Packaging Exhibition held recently brought together leading companies in the processing and packaging industry from 25 countries and regions including Canada, France, Germany and Japan. One of them is a local technology-based company that develops gas buffer packaging production equipment —Tianjin Jiede Technology Co., Ltd. has attracted the attention of many exhibitors at home and abroad.

Constantly pushing new ideas with firm stand

In 2005, the founder of the company resigned from a deputy general managerial position of a foreign company, and registered Tianjin Jiede Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jiede Technology”) in Tanggu Ocean Science and Technology Park, and cooperated with foreign companies to independently develop electric vehicle controllers and export. In the United States, Germany, Thailand, South Korea, Australia, Malaysia and other countries, the company has achieved a good reputation in the industry. Subsequently, as a scientific and technological enterprise with 80% of the total number of scientific research personnel, the company continued to expand its research and development scope according to market demand, and introduced new products such as pressure regulating valve control panels and leak detectors.

Since 2013, the domestic online shopping industry has developed rapidly. More and more cosmetics, red wine, electronic products, precision instruments, furniture and even fruits have to be delivered to consumers through the express logistics industry. It is fragile and easy to touch the goods for transportation packaging. The industry has brought a huge test. Ordinary transport packaging obviously cannot provide assistance in the storage, transportation and handling of these products, and cushioning packaging materials have emerged. In order to reduce risks and costs, cushioning packaging materials used to protect goods have begun to evolve. From foam cushioning materials to pearl cotton cushioning materials to corrugated cardboard, each new product has inconvenient defects.

“The foam material is compressed by small particles, and it often flies when it is opened. The pearl cotton and corrugated paper are not environmentally friendly.” Li Juan, a legal representative of Jade Technology, told reporters that the domestic e-commerce platform and the transportation industry are sensitive. A message has been captured: the packaging material for packaging imported from abroad has changed to become a gas-filled bag with better cushioning, and is cleaner and reusable. Since May 2013, Jiede Technology has invested in the research and development of inflatable buffer packaging production equipment. After two years, it finally developed the first generation airbag buffer machine, and started trial production in June and July of that year.

Subsequently, according to market changes, Jiede Technology has been continuously updated and patented for products. This year, the company's newly developed gas column buffer machine provides comprehensive air-entrained buffer protection for the goods, minimizing the transportation loss rate. At the Shanghai International Processing and Packaging Exhibition in 2018, this product is particularly attractive to foreign investors. On September 7, the deputy general manager and technical engineer of American customer Ivex came to the company to visit and inspect, and highly praised the company's products and communicated new product development directions.

Getting through the sales process and getting rid of the constraints

For a long time, it has never been a technical force to limit the development of a company, but the sales. At the beginning, the company's founding team believes that all the energy should be used for R&D, and sales can be commissioned by professional companies. However, this decision caused the company to suffer a lot. “The sales company has indeed pushed the products to the large e-commerce platforms such as Jingdong, Tmall, and Vipshop. The payment can be delayed, and the partners directly swallow the purchase price.” Li Juan said that there are sales partners. The customer said that the equipment has been discontinued, and the accessories cannot be bought. Until the customer finds the company to seek help according to the product identification, it is known that the sales partner is stalking.

With this clue, the company has regained several customers and realized that the problem of poor sales channels has become a constraint for the company's development. The engineers who were bored in the lab and doing R&D started running the exhibition and visiting the company. When an engineer waited for a bus at the station, he heard someone say that he needed to purchase the pressure regulating valve control panel, control the standard air pressure value in the cylinder of the robot arm, and quickly promoted his own products to win large orders for the company. In September this year, the company's vice president and R&D engineers went to Beijing SF Express to promote the latest air column buffer machine and reached a cooperation intention. “At the time, I saw that they were very laboriously inflating the air bag. We demonstrated the operation of the air column machine on the spot. No matter how long the air bag is, it can automatically and intelligently inflate the air at high speed, freeing the hands and improving the efficiency, but also avoiding the explosion of coils caused by uneven force.” Jiede Technology’s electronic engineer Wang Xuejun told reporters that technology will change the life, and technology will also bring about industrial changes.

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