Overhaul season for changing rails

2018-11-07 15:45

November 5th marked the first day of centralized repair in the second half of the Tanggu line workshop of Tianjin Section. At the track-changing construction site, the workers changed the rails nervously. Walking into the construction site, the reporter saw two rails of one kilometer long, standing six or seven people on each head, holding crowbars, iron braces, etc. With the slogan of "one, two", the rails were moved a little bit after being pulled out of the track and turned to the side of the roadbed. In such a period of repeated smashing, about half an hour, the already polished steel rails were completely turned over to the sides of the track. On the side, the staff in twos and threes took off the gusset and spring parts. Although the air is damp and cold, the masters' foreheads have already oozing sweat, and there is no intention to stop. "When you take this 100-meter rail, the weight is 6 tons. Especially when bending, the elasticity is very large. It is more suitable for the construction workers. It usually needs to be repeated ten times. This is the effort, but also a lot of skills, which need years of strength and training, otherwise it cannot be so smooth," Wang Hongbin graduated from Beijing Jiaotong University in 2015 with a tool told reporters while standing by.

This is just the beginning of the transition. Next, we need to accurately adjust the position of the new rail, reserve the rail joints, install the gaskets, fasteners, and oil, measure the rail gauge in real time, and then adjust the fastener shoulders in real time... The procedures are well-organized, and the workers wearing orange vests were all scattered on the track, squatting, getting up, and striding back and forth on the railway. "We are changing the distance of one kilometer today, but only three hours of skylights, which means that the old and new shops must be completed within three hours. The Tanggu line workshop plus workers and expatriates who are mobilized from other workshops amounted to nearly 200 people. According to the prior division of labor, each of them did not dare to delay." Director Zhang introduced the overall work arrangement to the reporter, while the foot kept coordinating the scene, directing everyone to prepare the new rail in advance as soon as possible, which was 100 meters long, and rooted on the roadbed.

Under the assistance of mechanical equipment such as double-head internal combustion wrenches, less than four in the afternoon, everyone basically completed the work of changing rails. Everyone was relieved as the welders used aluminum heat welding technology to weld the breakpoints a little bit. The master who has been a maintenance worker for the past 31 years on the railway line moved forward along the railroad track and moved forward with the fasteners in his hands. The speed was not slower than the machine wrench behind him.

Secretary Xin of Tanggu Line Workshop told reporters that the North Ring Road is an important cargo passage connecting the Jinshan freight line, and it is responsible for the cargo transportation between Bestown Station and Tianjin Nancang Station. Because of the hectic daily, the freight heavy-duty vehicles are expensive. The line is seriously worn, so the first work of this centralized repair is to replace the rails within one kilometer of K47. "In the past, the railroad track was changed every year. In recent years, the railway maintenance work has been done well. Generally, it will be changed once every two to three years. It may change a few kilometers a year. If it is overhauled, it will have to be replaced for several tens of kilometers a year. It will be busier at that time."

Before 5 o'clock in the afternoon, the track was changed perfectly, and Secretary Xin told reporters when he explained the elimination points and other matters. On the 8, they will also carry out artificial bottoming screening of the line, and manually pull out the stones under the rail to replace them with new stones. It is claimed that the large-scale construction, such as centralized repair, rail change, bottom-cleaning, line and ballasting, will continue until the end of the month.

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