"Hand in hand" with Disney by using big IP to open territory

2018-11-14 09:49

In early November, the fantasy movie The Nutcracker and Four Realms produced by Disney became the first choice for children to watch movies. Looking back last year, Beauty and the Beast, Coco, Star Wars 8, The Mighty Thor 3 and so on, took Disney's global box office to break through 5 billion US dollars. This kind of "family" movie not only brought huge profits to Disney at the box office, but more importantly, it shaped a huge IP system and spawned countless value chains in the market.

In the past year, in the Chinese market, 66 Disney-licensed items were sold every second, and Disney's consumer goods business maintained a double-digit growth rate for five consecutive years. Such a huge market has made Zhang Pengyi, the founder of "Zhongyi Meishi", or "Loving Food" Internet Children's Pasta Project, fascinated. After several rounds of contact with Disney, the young entrepreneurial team led by Zhang Pengyi, with less than 20 employees, officially joined Disney's IP family in June this year, becoming a member of Disney's more than 600 licensees in Greater China. And this team has also been dubbed the "world's smallest licensor" by Disney.

IP is the "nuclear bomb" for enterprises to expand their territory.

The reporter learned that for the "Loving Food" Internet Children's Pasta Project, the cute cartoon face image and convenient logistics are their main features at this stage. When talking about why companies spend a lot of money every year to join Disney's IP family, Zhang Pengyi said that the Disney IP audience is highly overlapping with their projects, and Disney's many IPs can extend the cute and unique pastry with cartoon images. This kind of blessing from Disney not only stimulates the desire of the target customers, but also helps them establish their own brand image in the field of children's pasta.

"Disney IP is the 'nuclear bomb' of the company's opening up, which allows us to go even better on the way to the market." Zhang Pengyi told reporters that his company was founded in 2014, and the main energy of the company in the past few years was all invested in product development and improvement of the supply chain system. With the increasing size of the enterprise, further commercialization of the product into the next stage became the main task. Therefore, cooperation with large companies such as Disney has become a "killer" in their marketing channels. At present, the "Loving Food" project has received nearly 90% of Disney's IP license.

Starting with a mouse, Walt Disney created its own business empire. With the continuous development of its own IP, mining IP and acquisition of IP, Disney has four major brands of Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars. Next year, Disney plans to release heavy IP works such as "Frozen 2" and "Avengers 4". Under the cover of such a powerful "firepower", Zhang Pengyi said that the Disney IP spot they developed will actively participate in the Disney movie release next year.

According to the company's calculations, one year later, the "Loving Food" Internet Children's Pasta Project will increase the sales revenue of 20 million yuan with the help of Disney IP.

IP must not only be used well, but also used well.

Although Disney IP is fully competitive in the market, the annual licensing fee of millions of dollars has become a "double-edged sword" for companies to use IP evolution products. If you use it well, you will earn a lot of money. If you use it badly, you will increase your business burden. Faced with such problems, Zhang Pengyi said: "IP should not only be used well, but also used well."

"For us, the world-class IP cooperation with Disney must be in line with the long-term planning of the company itself. If you only pursue a short-term rapid conversion, then it may be more efficient to cooperate with some short-lived 'phenomenon-level' IP. Zhang Pengyi said that in addition to the popularity of product promotion by Disney movies, the "Loving Food" project is now to be separated from other food brands on the market, focusing on the category of children's pasta. At present, they have already tapped hundreds of brands that fit the brand from Disney's IP library, which means “learning” and “breakthrough” for the company's product development.

“Although the difficulty of cooperating with Disney, a Fortune 500 company, is beyond imagination, we are also benefiting from it.” Zhang Pengyi said that in the past, when “Loving Food” cooperated with other IPs in China, the product design review only took a few days. In cooperation with Disney, a product undergoes nearly two months of review from design sample to normal release, and each link is strictly controlled. In the process, the entire team has a new understanding of user understanding and product design.

In addition, Disney's IP auditing system is an English system. All IP creative review, product design and product labeling processes from all over the world need to be uploaded in the system. Zhang Pengyi said that this is also a test and transformation for improving the work ability and work efficiency of the entire team, which has greatly changed the company's work mentality from boss to employee.

“In the next step, we will make the company “lighter” and enhance the company's advantages in the fields of brand, channel, product development, production technology improvement, etc.” The reporter learned that the current sales of the “Loving Food” Internet Children's Pasta Project have nearly five times more than the same period last year. The company's processing plant in Binhai New Area has been unable to meet the sales needs of the company. Therefore, it has opened three foundries in Shijiazhuang and Yantai. According to Zhang Pengyi, it is estimated that the sales revenue in 2019 will amount to 60 million yuan.

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