Efy Technology: To be an intelligent aviation leader

2018-11-14 09:51

On November 6, the 12th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition opened in Zhuhai. In a series of high-precision aerospace technology products, the "unmanned aerial vehicles logistics" innovation results caught wide attention. Efy (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd., which was born in Binhai New Area, attracted attention by a large number of logistics products at the Expo such as the “Wutong” unmanned airport, “Luanfeng” logistics UAV and “Titan” unmanned helicopter, but also played "human-computer interaction" on the spot, showing the charm and strength of "Binhai Intelligent Manufacturing" to the same industry in the country.

Air logistics "black technology" has received much attention.

At present, China Express has entered the era of “100 million pieces a day” and is growing at a high speed. Improving logistics transportation efficiency and distribution speed has become the common pursuit of logistics industry and consumers. The main competitors of this market "cake", in addition to land and sea logistics companies, include innovative participants in air logistics.

"On the efficient distribution network map drawn by the UAV, the airport and the UAV will play the role of "Express Brother" and will directly target the consumers." A staff member from the front of Efy Technology booth said that in addition to the task creation through the mobile APP, and self-service access to the goods like the self-delivery cabinet, the “Wutong” unmanned airport independently researched and developed by Efy Technology can collect local meteorological data such as wind, humidity, etc. before the take-off and landing of the “Yufeng” logistics UAV to help intelligently determine the risk of take-off and landing, and sense the presence of people and vehicles around. This configuration can shorten the single-way logistics delivery time of 10 km to less than 30 minutes.

The "Titan" large-scale logistics unmanned helicopter, which debuted at the Zhuhai Air Show for the first time, is a cutting-edge product for the design of the branch line. According to the staff from Efy Technology, the "Titan" has a maximum takeoff weight of 700 kg and a mission load weight of 300 kg. Under full load, the battery life can reach 2 hours. The appearance of "Titan" will open the blue ocean gate of UAVs with nearly tons of load for the first time to fill the market gap.

Participating in the creation of an industrial development fund

At the 12th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition, the Tianjin Intelligent Aviation Industry Development Fund signing ceremony was held at the Air Show News Center. The fund was established by Tianjin Haihe Industry Fund Management Co., Ltd., China Aviation Trust Co., Ltd., and Efy (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd., based on the understanding of the development of smart industry, and plans to jointly create and become a domestic special aviation industry fund with significant influence.

It is claimed that the fund investment will focus on "one core and two wings", that is, the flight control intelligentization of the aircraft system as the core; the intelligent system of passenger and cargo space, airport system, air traffic management and flight route system of the aircraft system as the two wings, to promote coordinated development of intelligent aviation.

As the first government-led aviation industry fund in Tianjin, Tianjin Intelligent Aviation Industry Development Fund will rely on the government policies, supporting resources and industrial advantages of Tianjin Haihe Industry Fund Management Co., Ltd., the resources of AVIC Trust Co., Ltd. in the aviation industry, industrial investment and financing experience, as well as the technological advantages of private enterprises in the fields of intelligent aviation, UAV flight control, and automatic driving, fully exerting the amplification effect of guiding funds, actively attracting the participation of social capital, and cultivating emerging projects in the intelligent aviation industry.

The person in charge of Efy Technology said that under the background of the development of the world's smart economy, the development of the intelligent aviation industry has ushered in a major opportunity. The Tianjin Intelligent Aviation Industry Development Fund focuses on the technology and innovative services of the intelligent aviation industry, accelerating the realization of intelligence from the capital level. The effective cooperation and docking between the upstream, middle and lower reaches of the aviation industry can promote the integration of industry and finance in the intelligent aviation industry in the region, and play an active role in strengthening the intelligent aviation industry, seize the commanding heights of development, and promote the development of Tianjin's intelligent aviation industry. The company will also fully support the work of the Industrial Development Fund from a technical perspective.

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