COFCO Biochemical Sales Company settled in Dongjiang FTP: Fully guarantee the supply of Tianjin fuel ethanol market

2018-11-16 17:15

On November 6, the reporter was informed that COFCO Biochemical Fuel Ethanol Sales (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., a sales platform of COFCO Biochemicals, settled in Dongjiang Free Trade Port and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of COFCO Biochemical. This is the first project entity that landed within less than 100 days after Tianjin and COFCO signed a strategic cooperation agreement, mainly selling fuel ethanol to the Tianjin market.

It is claimed that COFCO Biochemical is the largest corn deep processing enterprise in China. As a pioneer and main supplier of fuel ethanol in China, it has accumulated 15 years of experience in fuel ethanol operation and has international leading technology in producing fuel ethanol from different raw materials.

It is claimed that COFCO has set up more than ten subsidiaries in Dongjiang Free Trade Port since 2011. The business segment covers various fields such as grain and oil, alcohol, cola, meat and real estate.

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