TJAB "holds hands" with Institute of Optics of Nankai Uni to build a photoelectric frontier technology platform

2018-11-26 14:08

On November 21, Tianjin International Joint Academy of Biomedicine (TJAB for short) and Modern Optics Institute, Nankai University signed a cooperation agreement. The two sides will build a photoelectric frontier technology platform in the TJAB, give full play to their respective advantages, complement the technical shortcomings, and accelerate the industrialization of relevant results.

According to the agreement, the TJAB will provide biomedical R&D platform support and service resource docking, including experimental platform services, experimental equipment support, docking related research teams and policy support. The Institute of Modern Optics at Nankai University uses the imaging and spectroscopy platforms established by cutting-edge optical technology to support TJAB's biomedical research and technical services, and jointly develop new technologies related to new drug development. The two sides will jointly apply for science and technology projects, organize research projects, attract high-end innovative talents through project cooperation, and build exchange platforms for researchers and enterprises in different fields to achieve a win-win result.

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