"China Intelligently Manufactured" LNG ship debuted at Tianjin LNG terminal

2019-04-24 18:18

On April 22, China's first highly intelligent LNG (liquefied natural gas) carrier, the "Offshore Oil 301" vessel, loaded 12,000 tons of LNG from Hainan and berthed at Tianjin LNG Terminal. This is the first time that Tianjin LNG Terminal is docked with a small-sized LNG carrier of 30,000 cubic meters and is also the first time that CNOOC has realized the “South-North Gas Movement” through LNG ship transportation. It is an important attempt for the domestic LNG resource to innovate trade mode with flexible resource turnover and maritime interconnection.

It is claimed that the ship is China's first highly intelligent LNG carrier, with both LNG ship filling and FSU (floating storage) functions.Three independent equipmentsay the dual-fuel main engine, medium-voltage power generation system, and full-turn of the rudder propellersare used for the first time in the construction process, which has achieved major breakthroughs in dual-fuel electric propulsion technology and super-large independent C-type cargo tank construction technology. It also developed the world's first energy-saving and emission-reducing environment-friendly 30,000-square-meter LNG carrier, creating a precedent model for many industriesand it successfully went to the overseas market asthe true senseof Chinese Wisdom.

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