An avenue with cherry blossoms in full bloom in the Eco-city

2019-04-24 19:28

In April, the spring is approaching to the end, and cherry blossoms in the Eco-city are in full bloom. A few days ago, the reporter saw in the Eco-city’s Hemu Avenue, or Harmony Avenue, the cherry blossoms have entered the period of full bloom on both sides of the avenue. Strolling on the walking path, the cherry blossoms clustered to form a Pink Flower Belt, which is very beautiful. In addition to the sides of the avenue, one can feel fragrant flowers in the south of the Animation Park, the ecological valley and the southern side of the National Maritime Museum. It is worth mentioning that the flowering period of cherry blossoms is very short, only about a week so the general folks who want to feel the unique scenery of Raining Cherry Blossoms need to seize the opportunity.

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