Tianjin Victory Hotel

2019-04-25 17:05

Tianjin Victory Hotel which ranks the four stars foreign hotel is well known in Tianjin Binhai New Area.

Hotel is located at No.1369, Jintang Road of Tanggu in Binhai New Area, bordering the famous Yanghuo Market in North China to the east and Seafood Street in Zhongxin North Road to the north, near by Large-scale shopping malls, Haihe Waitan Park, TEDA, Free Trade Zone, Tianjin Port, etc. Besides, it is 45 kilometers from the center of Tianjin, about 20 minutes drive from hotel to the Tianjin Binhai International Airport and just 5 minutes to the BMT station or Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway.

It covers an area of 36,000 square meters, which is including Main Building, West Building, Victory Leyuan (Mansion) and Conference Center. Since 2006, hotel has been assessed as the official point hotel of government procurement in Tianjin.

Hotel has over 400 guest rooms and 627 beds now, also has 4 restaurants and 1,200 tables, among 21,000 square meters as business meeting facilities and 15,000 square meters as integrated recreation facilities. We have provided many elegant and magnificent suites, quite and comfortable business rooms, besides rational design of standard rooms for the guests. All guest rooms are equipped with the central controlled air-conditioning system, fine sanitary ware, IDD phone, satellite TV, VOD system, 100M high-speed internet and smoke detector (warning) system.

It has a Victory Coffee Shop which provides western buffet dinner, a Korean Leisure Club as a leisure rest area and a YueRongHe Chinese restaurant, all of them are in the Main Building, besides a GuoXiang Chinese restaurant in the Victory Leyuan Mansion. The different style restaurants offer different type delicious food (for the guests).

A large-sized conference room, which accommodates 400 people and several of small-sized meeting rooms in the hotel. There were many large and medium-sized reception meeting in it, such as the 6th Asia-Europe Finance Minister’s Meeting (2005.6), the Olympic Torch Bearer Reception (2008.8), the 2nd Summer Annual Meeting of WEF (2008.9) and so on.

Also it has Business Center, Shopping Center and Airline ticket office as supporting facilities of Main Building.

Victory Leyuan Mansion, which is including 8,000 square meters, has Jingdu Leisure Bath Center, Weilai bowline center, Guoxiang Chinese Restaurant, Leiyuan Night Club. Every detail has been carefully designed to provide you with a memorable staying experience.

Hotel has 120 parking spaces and good safety precautions on it.

Welcome to Tianjin Victory Hotel, and we are always at your service.

Add:No.1369 Jintang Road Tianjin Binhai New Area

Tel:+86 22 25345833


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