Tianjin Binhai New Area People’s Government A Public Commitment to Create a National Health Promotion Zone

2019-04-26 10:55

Health is the inevitable requirement of promoting people’s all-round development, the basic condition of economic and social development, a key mark of prosperous and stronger country, and the common pursuit of the public. In order to earnestly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speech at the National Sanitation and Health Congress 2016, which stressed that “without universal access to healthcare, there can be no prosperity for all”, Binhai New Area government has decided to create a National Health Promotion Zone. This action strives to fully implement the guidelines for sanitation and health work in the new era while give strategic priority to people’s health and development, which will accelerate the development of “healthy Binhai”.

1. Health policy improvement

The government will identify health issues and areas that need to be prioritized, integrate health into all policies, conduct cross-sectoral health initiatives, and make innovations in multi-sectoral collaboration, resource arrangement, social mobilization, health management, and health industry.

2. Healthy cell construction

The government will actively promote the establishment of healthy communities (villages), healthy families and agencies, schools, hospitals, enterprises and catering entities for health promotion, and give full play to the demonstration role of these places.

3. Health culture cultivation

Health popularization activities will be carried out through traditional media and new media platforms. The government will actively disseminate the concept of health promotion, drive forward the implementation of public health policies for residents, and increase public awareness and participation.

4. Health-support-environment establishment

The government will promote urban and rural environmental sanitation initiatives and consolidate the achievements of the establishment of the National Health Promotion Zone. It will also ensure the safety of food and drinking water, enhance efforts in the work of “combination of medical and health care”, and reinforce the construction of fitness trails, sports parks and other facilities.

5. Health level promotion

The government will launch in-depth activities to constantly promote universal health literacy of the people in Binhai New Area. The government will also intensify oversight and supervision of smoking control, implement national fitness programs, and carry out public sports activities.

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