Zhangshang Tianjin successfully won A round of investment

2019-04-29 14:21

A few days ago, Tianjin’s local social media platform, which was established in the Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone, announced that it had successfully obtained the joint A-round investment of Tianjin Haihe Industry Fund, Shenzhen Venture Capital and Bohai Bank at the beginning of this year.

According to Sha Enshui, the founder of Zhangshang Tianjin APP, Tianjin will complete the strategic layout of Intelligence + New Media through smart matching, deep line and scale replication to create a mainstream new media platform. Sha Enshui said: "The future media landscape will change technology, and the media attributes and values will remain unchanged. The Internet will also evolve from data recording and computational analysis to precise matching. Everything in the future will be based on intelligence. Zhangshang Tianjin APP will continue to innovate and upgrade its products, technologies and life scenes in the layout of Smart New Media industry, and continue to release the positive energy of mainstream new media to help the development of Tianjin's new media industry."

At the press conference, the Tianjin Zhangjin Account was officially launched. It is reported that the Tianjin Zhangjin Account is divided into three categories: government account, enterprise credit account and big V account. At present, more than 40 committees have been stationed in the government account; enterprise credit account is the consumer credit publishing platform for enterprises in the Zhangjin system; Great V has gathered many local celebrities from industries in Tianjin.

"Zhangshang Tianjin attaches great importance to party building and has embarked on a road of promoting development with party building and promoting party building with development. It is a model for scholastic small and medium-sized enterprises with political positions and ideal in the Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone." It is said that the Zhangshang Tianjin has settled in the High-tech Zone since its inception. In the course of 7 years of development, it has benefited from the good business environment of the High-tech Zone and the strong support of various departments. In 2018, the Party Branch of the Zhangshang Tianjin was awarded the first batch of Two New organizations in Tianjin to demonstrate the party building work.

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