High-tech talents in the High-tech Zone won the title of Haihe Artisan

2019-05-13 16:32

A few days ago, the award ceremony of the Haihe Artisan in Tianjin was held. The title of Haihe Artisan is the highest honor of the city's skilled talents. The selected candidates are all experts in strategic emerging industries and advanced manufacturing industries, and are outstanding representatives of high-skilled talents in our city. Among the 10 masters who were selected for the first batch of Tianjin Haihe Artisans, Sun Zhanhai, a senior technician from the Tianjin Base of the China Aerospace Fifth Institute, and Li Xiaobao, a senior technician of the Tianjin Aerospace Electromechanical Equipment Research Institute, accounted for one fifth of the city’s winners.

The relevant person in charge of the High-tech Zone said that in recent years, it has always focused on high-quality development requirements, attaches great importance to the construction of high-skilled talents, and vigorously promotes the spirit of craftsmen. Through the organization of the Artisan Star skill competition, skill master selection, skill masters studio construction and other activities, it aims at cultivating a large number of highly skilled personnel with dedication, skill and outstanding performance, creating a good atmosphere of advocating labor and respecting labor in the High-tech Zone, and providing strong support for the high-quality development of the regional economy and society. In the next step, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of the High-tech Zone will fully implement the policy of Building Haihe Artisans in Tianjin, paying attention to the main role of enterprises, further promoting the construction of industrial workers, mobilizing the enthusiasm of enterprises to train skilled talents, and realizing consistent development direction of vocational skills training with the economy, industrial layout, and the needs of enterprises, creating a good atmosphere of advocating labor and respecting labor in the whole region.

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