Take mothers to see results of the construction

2019-05-14 13:05

On May 11, the North China Company of the China Construction Bureau, builder of the National Maritime Museum, invited the mothers and family members of the builders to enter the National Maritime Museum and visit the four exhibition halls, i.e., the ancient ocean, the ocean today, the discovery tour, and the dragon era. The family members of the family witnessed the results of the construction. “It was the first time for me to walk into my son’s construction project, and I was very excited!” “My son’s construction of the National Maritime Museum made him not able to return home any time due to busy work for a few years. Although there are sometimes complaints, I understand him. Especially after I came here today, I will support him more." The words of several mothers are very warm. A builder said that he can make his mother see the results of his construction and he is very happy. He is very thankful to his family for their support.

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