Preparing for the WIC, Binhai Intelligence to show its strength

2019-05-15 16:00

The opening of the third World Intelligence Conference (the WIC for short) is just around the corner. The reporter learned that at the current conference, Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short) can be seen everywhere in the preparatory process including the overall design of the conference, implementation, the company visit, invitation of the guests, publicity of the conference and market-oriented promotion.

All-round display showcases smart elements in all dimensions.

In this WIC, Binhai New Area is responsible for the overall design and construction of the conference. "In order to further enhance the internationalization, specialization and intelligence level of the conference, we have fully absorbed the highlights and features of the large-scale conference design schemes at home and abroad, and we have continuously optimized and improved the design and construction of the conference with reference to expert evaluation and adoption of various opinions." The relevant person in charge of the Business and Investment Promotion Bureau in TBNA said.

It is claimed that in the main visual design, this intelligent conference incorporates more Tianjin elements and technology texture; in terms of the main venue design, it emphasizes functionality and practicality, constantly improves the conference warm-up program and adds interactive scenes; With the design of the exhibition area, it will fully present the sense of the future and intelligence, and add more experience elements. At the same time, in order to improve the intelligent management level of the conference, TBNA not only promotes the redesign and development of the conference guest service system, but also creates the conference face recognition sign-up system through cooperation with a company, and also added a mobile phone small program and a guest-only H5, an App and other diversified external display windows to create a Small and Beautiful conference service model.

Visits and negotiation fuel the spark of intelligence.

“In order to continue to improve specifications of the conference, in the preliminary preparations, TBNA and the organizing committee of the conference visited key cities both at home and abroad, and organized a roadshow promotion event in Chengdu and Beijing to support the intelligent industry through Tianjin. The promotion of advantageous policies, industrial environment and supporting services in the rapid development of the industry has not only established the intention and confidence of many enterprises in the cooperation of the conference, project investment, etc., but also fueled the invitation of key guests in the global intelligent technological field." The person in charge of the Business and Investment Promotion Bureau in TBNA told the reporter.

It is claimed that through the early efforts, it has attracted representatives from a number of internationally renowned institutions and enterprises such as the European Chamber of Commerce, the Malaysian Chamber of Commerce in China, Siemens and Dell. In addition, the 4 major sub-forums and 2 major events hosted by TBNA and the TEDA in the district will also be held as scheduled during the conference.

Outstanding figures hand in hand for marketization and common development opportunities.

The reporter learned that in order to continue to expand the visibility and influence of the conference, TBNA led the market-oriented operation of the conference, and reached a number of well-known enterprises in the field of intelligence at home and abroad, such as Alibaba, Baidu, Lenovo, Unigroup, Epson, and Sugon with a model of cooperation, to share opportunities with partners and seek common development. In this way, the publicity of the conference has also been vigorously promoted.

For example, Focus Media's publicity video on the building elevators in major cities in China has more than 10 million persons per day, focusing on the high-end industry crowds to carry out massive publicity; Jinritoutiao and Douyin will put a lot of traffic resources to promote the conference nationwide; iQiyi will cooperate with the official website of the conference to promote the project and open the column of the World Intelligence Conference. On top of this, in order to attract more experts and scholars from smart fields and the participation of well-known enterprises to promote the long-term development of the conference results, TBNA also explored the membership system and ticketing work plan. The organizing committee of the conference initiated the establishment of Zhigang (Tianjin) Club and World Intelligence Conference Member Club, to hold hands with outstanding figures and gather wisdom to seek development for the future.

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