Bringing treasures to participate in the WIC, companies from TBNA showcase their smart products

2019-05-15 16:04

The world's leading autonomous UAV system, the powerful working commercial service robot, and the underwater robot known as the Arctic scientific research leader... The World Intelligence Conference (the WIC for short)is in the countdown, and many new products produced by the smart manufacturing companies in Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short) will enter the international perspective through the World Intelligence Conference.

As one of the two companies with a fully autonomous UAV system in the world, Tianjin Ikingtec Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to improving people's production and living efficiency with four-dimensional surface capability. Its research and development of killer whale full autonomous drone + tiger cave fully automatic airport system has many applications in the fields of oil pipeline inspection, 5G application, urban security, urban fire protection, border inspection, forest fire prevention, port supervision, surveying and mapping, and will gradually enrich the application scenarios. In order to show the world in a best way, TBNA will create a world-wide fully autonomous UAV system. Before the WIC kicks off, the company's R&D personnel carried out detailed debugging of the killer whale fully autonomous drone + tiger point automatic airport system. .

The shape of the robot can play the role of the illustrator in the exhibition hall, and can become a medical insurance specialist and guide in the smart hospital... The commercial service robot from Tianjin Carale Robotics Co., Ltd. will also appear at the World Intelligence Conference. The company has independent intellectual property rights technology for service robots and a number of self-developed core technologies. It has applied for a number of invention and innovation patents, utility model patents, integrated circuit layout design, and several software copyrights and designs. Relying on the Carale service robot technology platform architecture, it provides customers with a full range of service robot technology solutions and robot products.

In addition, Tianjin Sublue Ocean Science & Technology Co., Ltd. will also participate as a leader in the field of underwater intelligence. The SeaWing Underwater Glider, which was developed by the company and participated in the Arctic scientific research, and the Dolphin series of controlled underwater robots, which once played a key role in the search and rescue of the Wanzhou bus in Chongqing, will be unveiled at the conference.

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