WIC Media Group praisesintelligent industry in TBNA: Experience the future in a smart city

2019-05-21 13:56

"Okay, Xiaotu, we have to go, thank you!" In the Sino-Singapore Friendship Library, Liu Changhai, a reporter from the Middle-aged Times, said goodbye to the robot map. On May 18, more than 30 interview groups composed of reporters from the central, provincial, municipal and overseas media came to the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city (the Eco-city for short) for on-the-spot visits and hands-on experience, not only for the intelligent management level of Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short), but also recorded the growth pace of TBNA with the lens, paper and pens in their hands.

Feel the power of intelligence and innovation

On the morning of May 18, the delegation first visited the Eco-city Smart City Operation Center. The center is located in the information building in the middle part of the Eco-city. It has just been built, and this is the first time that it is open to such a large group of journalists. As soon as they walked into the Eco-city smart operation center, the reporters' attention was displayed on the 189 display screens of various data, and they took out their mobile phones and cameras to carefully record the explanations and introductions of the staff.

“Can drones collect air quality in the Eco-city?” “Is this data updated in real time?” “What can it provide for our city management?” When it was learned that 11 categories of business data such as air quality and population information could be collected here and real-time dynamic monitoring of the city and real-time scheduling of urban management can be achieved, the reporters surrounded the staff and asked questions about their own interests. After receiving a positive answer, they all gave thumbs up.

The reporter learned that the Smart City Operation Center is called the intelligent brain of the Eco-city. Currently, it can run more than 40 management systems and collect 11 types of business data. It can monitor urban dynamics in real time and realize real-time scheduling of urban management. “This is the first time for me to come to the Eco-city. I am very amazed to see that the basic data including public transportation and urban services can be summarized, analyzed and disposed here. This is a clear and efficient city. The model deserves to be understood by more people.” GuanggangYanlong, Director of Nikkei Business Publishing Shanghai Branch, said in an interview.

Experience smart apps by yourself.

After visiting the Smart City Operation Center, the smart application that were experienced personally brought a wave of surprises to the reporters.

The cute panda shape can be accessible by wiping bar code, and shopping can be realized by wiping faces while cool experience of auto-driving can be obtained... The world’s first commercial operation of the Panda smart bus brought by DeepBlue Technology amazed the media group even more. Just as soon as they got on the bus, reporters from the British Sky News Channel couldn't wait to register their hands and try to swipe faces for shopping experience. In a short while, a large number of reporters each experienced the technologyautomated driving in the bus by the hands, voice interaction and other scientific and technological means–theconvenient and intelligent ride experience made everyone praise. Xiong Qing, editor of Beijing Saiwen Transportation Network, told reporters that the Eco-city can combine such technical means with the real life of citizens, and indeed walks in the forefront of smart city construction.

In addition to smart buses, DeepBlueTechnology also brought smart trucks that can also go shopping, as well as smart municipal sweepers that can automatically plan routes and identify obstacles. “Checking by hand is convenient and fashionable, and it is too close to the modern young people. Maybe this is a new form of consumption in the future.” Fu Motong from the Interface News told the reporter after experiencing the smart vendor truck.

Focus on the development of smart areas in TBNA.

When the vehicle was parked in front of the China-Singapore Friendship Library, many reporters who came to the Eco-city for the first time recognized the famous place online. Entering the library, everyone not only captures the intelligent elements such as borrowing books by swiping faces, robots interacting and searching for books, but also understands the smart technology industry and smart life of the Eco-city from all angles. Whether the development of related industries can go further and whether these smart scenes can be replicated has become a matter of great concern to them.

Feng Qunxing, a reporter from the Southern Metropolis Daily, told reporters that many cities are now building smart cities, but there are not many practical applications. I came to the Eco-city and found that there is a lot of smart technology industries gathered here. I also saw for the first time how smart cities manage and solve various problems encountered by the citizens in real life, which makes him feel that the Eco-city still inBinhai New Area has a lot of potential to be tapped in the smart technology industry and the development of smart cities.

GuanggangYanlong also holds the same view as Feng Qunxing. "China's development in big data, artificial intelligence and other industries is very fast. This time, after coming to the Eco-city, this view has also been confirmed. We hope that through this interview, more Japanese people can understand that there are both leading smart application scenarios also and high-spirited industrial development momentum,” GuanggangYanlong said.

“There is a lot of content that is worth reporting. It’s really worthwhile.” Xu Jiaqi, an all-media reporter from Hebei Daily, said that in the context of the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, he hoped to write a detailed reporton smart technology industry and smart city after returning from theEco-city and made a recommendation for the citizens of Hebei, so that they can come to the Eco-city and experience the future life.

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