Astronomy Exhibition Hall of Maritime Museum of China is to open at the end of this month

2019-05-22 19:38

The reporter recently learned from the Maritime Museum of China that the Astronomy Exhibition Hall will be officially opened to the public at the end of this month, creating a new display window for citizens to experience the relationship between the ocean and astronomy.

The hall has now entered the final pre-opening preparation phase. “The Ocean Astronomy Exhibition Hall covers nearly 1,600 square meters, including the splendid stars, the sun and the moon, the distant view of the sky, the starting time, the traveling solar system, and the stars roaming. It shows the relationship among the big voyage, the stars, and the sky, the influence of the sun and the moon on the earth and the ocean as well as the knowledge of the distant planetary world.” Liu Jie, director of Department of Education, Maritime Museum of China, introduced a rich multimedia presentation and interaction in the exhibition hall, making beautiful models, cultural relics and landscaping, and creating an extremely beautiful world of the universe.

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