Family Doctors in TBNA signed a total of 582,100 residents

2019-05-23 13:06

On May 19, 2019, it was the ninth World Family Doctor Day. The theme of this year's publicity was as follows: Working with Family Doctors to Build a Healthy Life. The reporter learned from the 2019 World Family Doctor Day publicity event held in Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short) recently. As of now, the family has established 301 family doctor teams, effectively signed 582,100 residents, and the key population coverage rate reached 80%.

According to the relevant person in charge of the district hygiene and healthcare committee, the signing of family doctors is an important starting point for realizing the graded diagnosis and treatment system in China, and it is also an important part of improving the ability of primary health care services and building a healthy China. In 2019, TBNA will change the signing of family doctors to improve quality and efficiency, continuously improve residents' satisfaction with contracting services, and build family doctors' contracting services into popular projects.

Health care services will be normalized.

It is claimed that TBNA will actively guide the contracted residents to renew their contracts, strengthen the contract performance duties, encourage all grassroots health institutions to address the characteristics of the population and needs, deepen the service connotation, refine the crowd service package, and provide personalized differentiated service projects. Among them, special attention is paid to the fulfillment services of key populations, and the family doctors' home medical care services are promoted to be normalized, and the elderly groups are expanded to provide home medical care services for all disabled and half-disabled people, and it completed medical care services for nearly 8,000 persons.

Improving medical care environment and service level

At the same time, TBNA will gradually improve the comprehensive service level of the family doctor team through training and strengthen the performance of the service. The family doctor team training will be strengthened. On the basis of cultivating a special on-demand service team for each institution, two trainings will be organized for the family doctor team and nursing home service skills. The training coverage rate reaches 60. %, and will reach full coverage in 2020.

TBNA will strengthen the infrastructure of community health service institutions and improve the medical environment for residents. In 2019, 10 community health service stations were newly built (reconstructed); 6 chronic disease rehabilitation beds and community telemedicine consultation service platform institutions were added; 4 community pain clinics and 3 grassroots respiratory clinics were built, and the scope of services was continuously expanded to meet the requirements of signed residents' medical needs. The family doctors contracted chronic drug management system will be fully promoted, and the demand for residential drugs, the family doctor's drug plan, and the drug store's on-demand drug preparation will be closely linked to improve the accuracy of chronic drug use.

“The family doctor team in TBNA will also carry out creative publicity in the form of health assessment and health education for contracted residents, and make positive contributions to the creation of a national civilized city and the promotion of constructing a healthy Binhai New Area,” the person in charge introduced.

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