Academician Expert Workstation unveiled in Tianjin Port

2019-06-03 13:10

The reporter learned from the Binhai New Area Science and Technology Association that as one of the key activities of the 33rd Science and Technology Week of Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short), a few days ago, and the academician workstation of the Tianjin Port Group was officially unveiled. Li Deyi, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, gave a special report on artificial intelligence for the two-level party committee center group.

The reporter learned that a year ago, Li Deyi and his research team developed the world's first unmanned electric truck to operate in Tianjin Port. After the establishment of the workstation, it will cooperate with Tianjin Port Group Co., Ltd. to focus on the intelligentization of port equipment, and jointly research key technologies including intelligent sensing, intelligent decision-making, intelligent control, intelligent scheduling, intelligent diagnosis, etc., and promote intelligent electric container tractors in containers. It is applied in terminal automation and is actually extended to the plane transportation process of port automation to solve the bottleneck problem of current port transportation safety and transportation efficiency, thereby further promoting Tianjin Port to accelerate the transformation to smart port, and improve quality and efficiency.

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