Intelligent fiscal management helps SMEs develop

2019-06-05 12:39

The reporter learned from the National Finance and Taxation Service Innovation Forum held in Tianjin a few days ago that Internet + Finance and Taxation has been continuously in the municipality in the past two years, effectively reducing the comprehensive management costs of small and medium-sized enterprises and improving the operational efficiency of enterprises while continuously helping the healthy development of micro-enterprises.

“Our company settled in Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short) last year, but the financial staff is working in Beijing. The Internet + Finance service has solved many problems for us.” At the National Accounting and Taxation Service Innovation Forum, a relevant person in charge of a software design company revealed that the intelligent Internet + Finance and Taxation management service platform has realized the automatic management of customer information, automatic collection of electronic data, automatic generation of voucher books, automatic calculation of tax statements, and automatic tax return for one-click batches.

“In the past, financial accounting simply relied on manual entry of vouchers, which was very cumbersome. Later, the traditional ERP system realized automatic accounting, but it still required to configure the voucher template for each business, which is still complicated.” A person in charge of an e-commerce company in the Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone told the reporter that after the company used Internet + Finance and Taxation at the end of last year, it improved the innovation, productivity and operational efficiency of enterprise services, making finance more automated and intelligent.

Feedback and history record

The relevant person in charge of the Intelligent Accounting Company told reporters that there are currently more than 4,000 small and medium-sized enterprises in Tianjin using their one-stop integrated financial and taxation services. “Small-scale taxpayer account processing takes only 3-5 minutes, and the general taxpayer's account processing takes only 10-15 minutes, which greatly improves the efficiency of the operation. At the same time, it solves the need for high-quality employees in traditional taxation companies. It also solved the problem of fiscal accounting relying on the transmission of paper bills."

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