Green ecological barrier: Shrub planting completed

2019-06-05 12:41

Recently, the reporter learned from the relevant departments that the much-focused green ecological barrier in Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short) which lies between Tianjin downtown area and TBNA has successfully advanced completion. At present, the shrub planting has been over fulfilled. Among them, Hujiayuan Street organized 4025 mu (1 mu= 666 m2), including two plots, of which the northern side plot is located north of Tianjin-Binhai Expressway and Tianjin-Qinhuangdao Passenger Dedicated Line, with a land area of about 3305 mu, and the general shrub planting has been completed; The block is located on the northwestern side of Zhuangzi Reservoir and the eastern side of Zhuangzi Road. The land area is about 720 mu. The tree planting task has been completed and passed the acceptance. The landscape project is expected to be completed in the near future. The total afforestation task in the Bonded Area is 1816 mu. At present, the project has been basically completed, and the three-year task has been completed in one year while the shrub planting by the Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone has also exceeded the planting task.

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