6 state incubators in THT receive financial subsidy of 1.3 million yuan

2019-06-05 12:41

Recently, the reporter learned from the Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone (THT for short) that in the performance appraisal 2018 and the good national technology business incubator reward list announced by the Tianjin Science and Technology Bureau, 18 incubators in Tianjin were rewarded. Among them, 6 national incubators including THT Haitai Incubator, International Entrepreneurship Center, Huake Incubator, Huayuan Software Park Jianfa, Shengji Incubator and Huading Incubator are listed, which received a total of 1.3 million yuan from Tianjin's financial incentives. The funds ranked the first in the municipality.

The relevant person in charge of the THT said that this year it will focus on the construction of a new batch of characteristic carriers such as Putian (Tianjin) Innovation Park, Binhai Information Security Industrial Park, Qihoo 360 Tianjin Entrepreneurship Platform, Aerospace Eleventh Institute Aircraft Makerspace, innovate management mode to actively promote the improvement and efficiency of the incubation carrier, and strive to build a good science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship ecology.

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