TBNA launched more than 80 cultural and tourism activities to welcome the Dragon Boat Festival

2019-06-11 22:09

The Dragon Boat Festival is coming, and many tourists are preparing for the trip. The reporter learned from the Cultural and Tourism Bureau in Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short) that in order to meet the travel needs of the general folks and tourists, TBNA will launch more than 80 cultural tourism activities to welcome the arrival of holiday during the Dragon Boat Festival.

Dragon Boat Festival coincides with Heritage Day and a cultural feast is waiting for you.

This year's holiday of the Dragon Boat Festival coincides with China's Cultural and Natural Heritage Day. TBNA will carry out the Promotion of the Heritage of Binhai New Area, Non-Genetic Heritage and Cultural Relics with the theme of Teaching the Cultural Heritage of Hometown and Love the Binhai History. The Chinese Classic Dragon Boat Festival Traditional Culture Special Exhibition, Special Performance of Dragon Boat Festival Opera in Rural Binhai New Area 2019, Binhai New Area Fourth Flour Figure Wang Contest, Relics Exhibition History · Gukou Chinese Zither Traditional Historical Culture and Art Experience, Dragon Boat Festival youth theme activities named Reminiscence of Ancestors, Chanting Poetry, Appreciation of Ancient Rhyme, and other wonderful intangible cultural heritage activities like the Dragon Boat Festival intangible cultural heritage in the countryside, fully display the intangible cultural heritage project in Binhai New Area, inherit and promote its intangible cultural heritages.

The cultural units of TBNA have also prepared various special events to meet the cultural needs of the citizens during the holiday. The Binhai New Area Cultural Center will hold the Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of New China in the Dagang Pavilion. The Tianjin Classical Art Exhibition will be staged. On June 8 and 9, the Tanggu Pavilion will perform two Binhai Show performances. The special exhibition of the Dragon Boat Festival has been arranged in the Binhai New Area Library. On June 9, a cultural lecture hall will be held in the museum to taste the tea and tea culture together with the readers. From June 7, the China-Singapore Friendship Library will hold photography lectures, scientific experimental stations, music English and Binhai Story book clubs to meet the different cultural needs of readers.

Revisit to Binhai history tells the story of TBNA.

After more than half a year of intense construction, the Binhai New Area Museum will be unveiled on June 6. With the theme of Binhai Story, new exhibits objectively and vividly show the historical changes and customs of the Binhai New Area since its inception more than two thousand years ago, demonstrating its important position and historical accumulation in China's modern history. The pencil watercolor on the paper debuted The Fleet of the Earl of Martyr from the White River to Beijing, August 1793 depicts the barge of the British Macedonia mission from Dagukou through the Haihe River to Beijing, and the painting surface can be verified with the record of McGurney's Diary, which is the treasure of the town hall of Binhai New Area Museum. The cultural relics handed over to the museum due to the renovation of the Dagu Dockyard site are also the most important exhibits that were unveiled, including the Mark’s heavy machine gun produced in the 1919 Dagukou Dock, as well as the earliest modern mechanical punching machine independently developed by workers in the Dagukou dock. The imperial white marble stone monument unearthed from the Bohai Temple will tell the audience about the wonderful stories that have taken place in TBNA.

In the creative form of the exhibition, the museum uses a combination of multiple exhibitions such as large-scale scenes, cultural relics, interactive exhibitions, and multimedia art installations, supplemented by innovative forms such as situation, story core, and cultural relics. We will create a field atmosphere that will make the audience feel refreshed. We will create a variety of atmospheres such as sight, touch and hearing. From seeing the exhibition to experiencing history and feeling the truth, we will create an immersive experience space. In the exhibition of the Dagu Temple, the museum has set up a separate auditorium. Using nine projections, the historical scrolls are slowly unfolded in a dynamic three-dimensional way, and the audience reproduces a series of theme stories from the construction to the destruction of the Dagu Temple.

Theme tour debuts for the Dragon Boat Festival.

During the Dragon Boat Festival, various attractions in TBNA will also be launched to give visitors a new experience. The TEDA Aircraft Carrier Theme Park launched the Dynamic Dragon Boat Festival · Charming Aircraft Carrier event, with cool sea breeze, Russian girls dressed up, and charming Russian-style street, bringing visitors an immersive exotic tour experience. Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean World Coconut Wind Square's doll interaction, African performance, and clown performance bring passion to audience, and it launched a ticket of 99 yuan for limited purchase activity. The Tianjin Fantawild Happy World Dragon Boat Festival theme night scene is opened, and the national cultural performances collide with the trend elements so the night tour is cooler. The Ronda Spring Eco-city Ice Spring activity will return to the trinity of hot springs, cold springs and ice springs. Visitors can enjoy the two-day pleasure of ice and fire, drink beverages and soak the ice springs, and enjoy summer, healthcare, leisure during the Dragon Boat Festival with their families.

In addition, the Dragon Boat Festival is an important traditional festival for the Chinese nation. It is essential to have traditional folk activities such as scorpions and sachets. In the streets and communities, TBNA will launch a series of activities such as Cultivating the Dragon Boat Festival, Traditional Festivals, Fostering Civilization, Yellow Leaves and Fragrance, Full of Dragon Boat Festival, and Glutinous Rice Making Competition, so that the general folks can stay at the doorstep to experience and enjoy the Dragon Boat Festival.

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