TBNA to carry out rectification of key areas and sectors

2019-06-11 22:09

In order to implement the rectification requirements of the Central Committee for the Elimination of Evils, the Political and Legal Committee of the District Party Committee and relevant departments have recently carried out a special rectification activity for the involvement of black and dissatisfaction and key projects in the field of building demolition, the disorder of the sea and coastal areas, and the surrounding areas of Tianjin Port. The special rectification action of evil and illegal force has always maintained the high-pressure situation, i.e., illegal and evil deeds must be removed and eliminated, and efforts are made to create an evil-free urban area.

In the special rectification activity of illegal and evil forces in the sector of key engineering work and building demolition, it focuses on cracking down on construction projects, reluctant buying and selling, forced debts, malicious bidding, forced trading, and illegal monopoly operations; mandatory services, disguised extortion of construction enterprises; malicious blockade, malicious obstruction, incitement to trouble, and obstructing construction; malicious arrears, violent way to ask for wages; fraudulent acquisition of rural dilapidated housing subsidies; forced demolition, violent demolition and other criminal activities.

In the special rectification activity of disorder in the sea and coastal areas, rectify illegal activities will be carried out for inland vessels appearing along the coast of Tianjin which illegally engage in maritime transportation, and the unlicensed ships which illegally engage in production, fishing, tourism and passengers, to completely eliminate safety and security risks in the sea. We will seriously investigate and ban illegal small docks in accordance with the law, and maintain the order of port management operations in accordance with the law. We will strengthen the investigation and control of legal port terminals, logistics and freight stations, severely crack down on illegal cargo sources and assembly activities, as well as illegal traffic movements at freight yards, promptly investigate and deal with evil criminals who may hide them, and create a good security environment in Binhai New Area.

The centralized management actions around the Tianjin Port for evil and illegal forces mainly focus on key areas such as community policing, enterprise investment, engineering construction, transportation, environmental protection, private lending, entertainment and tourism, parallel imported cars, etc. It will focus on engineering, malicious bidding, malicious arrears, profiteering, illegal land occupation, illegal business, illegal construction, illegal fishing, illegal sand unloading, bullying, receiving protection fees, illegal debt collection, road loans, gambling and other issues.

In this round of rectification actions, all relevant departments conducted a carpet-type investigation on the evil-related clues, and carried out an action on the evil-related clues. With a focus on strengthening the investigation of the project and destroying a group of evil and illegal gangs that are deeply hidden and seriously endangered, we will continue to promote the elimination of evil force and combat the protective umbrella, strengthen the supervision and management of leading cadres, strengthen the supervision of important positions and management personnel involved in important examination and approval authority, continue to be strict and disciplined, resolutely eliminate the protective umbrella behind it, and supervision over wrongdoings due to loss of duty.

Since the launch of the rectification action, it has successfully destroyed an 11-person criminal gang that specifically targeted foreign merchants to implement trade fraud, and smashed two virtual invoice criminal gangs involving a total amount of 2 billion yuan, and took the long-term entanglement in the port area to destroy the repairs. Criminal gangs in the container industry order; it has seized 11 vessels without licenses, seized more than 2,000 illegal fishing gears, seized 1 illegal sand transport ship, 3 criminal arrests, 1 person in large on the Internet; 3 criminal gang groups in the building demolition.

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