“Service Train Advanced” drives into the first stop Binhai-Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park

2019-06-11 22:12

On June 5, the “Service Train Advanced” of the Public Security Bureau of Binhai New Area started with whistling at the Binhai-Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park. It was aimed to improve and extend the effectiveness of police services, give full play to the responsibility of public security organs to contribute to enterprises’ economy and safeguard economic development, and protect the good and orderly development of enterprises and institutions.

At 2 pm on the same day, under the leadership of the relevant person in charge of the Area Public Security Bureau, the exit and entry management detachment, traffic control detachment and security detachment entered of the Public Security Bureau of Binhai New Area entered Binhai-Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, the first stop of “Service Train Advanced”. There was no welcoming ceremony or tea reception at the site, and the relevant persons in charge of both sides visited the park while listening to the report of needs and answering questions.

During the previous visits, the 24-hour check-in registration arising during the entry and residence period of foreigners, the ban on large trucks in the park and the entry of large engineering trucks into the park and many other issues caused the attention of the Area Public Security Bureau. The Area Public Security Bureau had organized the exit and entry management detachment, the pubic security detachment and the traffic control department to conduct onsite investigations in the park. Upon research and demonstration, a series of service measures had been developed and their explanations were provided on site.

“The enterprises in the park that holding the reference letter issued by the Management Committee of Binhai-Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park to apply for visas for foreigners and extension of residence permit, etc. are entitled to the green channel system, and there will be specially-assigned personal to carry out priority processing for them. According to the requests made by enterprises in the park, we may organize business trainings on foreigners' visa application and other related works as appropriate. In addition, for the top management and the urgently needed talents of the enterprises in the park, subject to complete application materials, we may also provide visiting acceptance of visa application,” Jia Tao, Deputy Chief of the First Team of the Exit and Entry Management Detachment of the Area Public Security Bureau, said no the site.

As stated by Ren Hongwei, Chief of Public Security Detachment of the Area Public Security Bureau, they will provide convenience for foreigners who come to the park for handing affairs, create a good traffic order, propose specific service measures, integrate the advantages of various police types, and continue to promote the settlement of the “Service Train Advanced”.

According to Zhang Qingtao, Deputy Director of the New Area Public Security Bureau, “As the city’s science and technology leading center and an important economic growth point, Binhai-Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park plays an important role in assisting the regional economic development of the New Area and the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei. ‘Service Train Advanced’ sets its first service stop here for the purpose of guaranteeing the development of enterprises and also due to its responsibility,” Zhang Qingtao introduced that the New Area Public Security Bureau’s “Service Train Advanced” takes the mission of “contributing to development of enterprises and guaranteeing the enterprises, highlights the active service, strengthen the exchanges and mutual trust with enterprises by relying on the platform of “Advanced”, and reinforce the cooperation between police and enterprises. In the future, the New Area Public Security Bureau will take the “Service Train Advanced” as a carrier and all departments and police types will adhere to the overall idea of “an entire game of chess”, actively move closer to the functional zones, streets and towns in the New Area and to the New Area enterprises, carry out “precise” services in a targeted manner, continuously innovate service measures, provide high-quality and efficient services for enterprises and public institutions in the New Area, solve problems of enterprises with the use of practical measures, create a first-class business environment, working environment and living environment, and make due contributions to the attraction of more enterprises and talents by the New Area.

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