TBNA shows new scenic spots during Dragon Boat Festival

2019-06-13 12:30

It’s cool when you go to the Fantawild World to experience the national style performing arts and the trend elements collide, to the cool artificial summer in Dongjiang artificial beach. This year's Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the new tourist attractions in the TBNA launched more than 80 items of Dragon Boat Festival activities, parent-child activities. The rich festive atmosphere, exciting new activities and new projects attract a large number of tourists from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei to come to the TBNA for vacation and leisure. According to the statistics of the New Area Cultural Tourism Bureau, the Dragon Boat Festival holiday was included in the seven key scenic spots (points) for data monitoring there. Over 3 days, the total number of tourists received exceeded 180,000, and the comprehensive tourism income was 21.224 million yuan.

Colorful summer activities

In the hot summer, playing in water is right time. TBNA is a seaside tourist resort close to Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, which is very suitable for short-distance travel of three days of small vacations. In the Dongjiang Bay Scenic Area, there are so many tourists. They step on the sand for sunbathing, and feel the blue sky, white clouds, clear water and sand. On the beach and at sea, the folk song, dance performances and the family kayaking experience in Dongjiang Bay have also been staged. A variety of entertainment projects make the holiday season very fulfilling. According to statistics, during the festival, tens of thousands of people come to Dongjiang to play in the water every day, up to 20,000 people. In the Longda Hot Spring Eco-City where has the hot springs, cold springs and ice springs, visitors enjoy the thrill of ice and fire.

In addition, some theme parks have also launched special folk activities to attract many tourists to come and play. For example, the doll interaction, the African performance, and the clown performance in the coconut wind square of Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean Park are full of passion. The 99-yuan limited spike event has attracted many tourists. During the holiday period, there were a total of 23,289 visitors. During the holiday season, the TEDA Aircraft Theme Park is ingenious, offering visitors a festive feast of Chinese traditional customs and Russian cultural elements. Bread and Salt is the highest welcoming ceremony in Russia, and the Dragon Boat Festival Eggs DIY and Fingertip Dragon Boat Creative Modeling symbolizes good luck. The ancient Dragon Boat Festival is a long-lasting event, attracting a large number of tourists to participate in the interaction. The charm of the blending of Chinese and Western folk customs is blooming. During the holiday period, there were 33,285 visitors. “Dragon boat painting eggs can not only enable children to feel the Dragon Boat Festival folks, but also let them understand that the Dragon Boat Festival is not only about eating dumplings, but it also has some cultural connotations. It takes the scenic spots a lot of effort to do these activities, and we like them very much,” Ms. Yang from Jilin province told the reporter.

Popular Cultural Museums

During the Dragon Boat Festival, the newly opened Maritime Museum of China is also a popular destination for citizens to visit. From June 7 to 9, tickets were sold very fast every day. The exhibition halls such as Ancient Ocean, Today’s Ocean, Discovery Journey and Dragon’s Era are displayed here, covering an area of more than 7,000 square meters, showing the great discovery of human beings in navigation and marine knowledge and ideas such as marine life, marine environment, sustainable development, and the relationship between ocean and life evolution. Ms. Li made a special trip from Beijing. After the visit, she felt particularly shocked and considered her innocent title of The Palace of the Sea.

After more than half a year of intense construction, the TBNA Museum was newly unveiled on June 6 and attracted many citizens to visit. New exhibition with the theme of Binhai Story, objectively and vividly shows the historical changes and customs of TBNA since its inception more than two thousand years ago, demonstrating its irreplaceable important position and historical accumulation in China's modern history. The heavyweight exhibits of Beiyang Navy's Dagu Dockyard relics were all unveiled in the new exhibition.

In addition, the cultural venues of TBNA are free to open during the festival and a series of colorful cultural and recreational activities have been launched, making it a good place for citizens and tourists to relax.

Night events meet diverse needs.

During the Dragon Boat Festival, the TBNA Cultural and Tourism Bureau organized a scenic spot to launch the Night Tour in TBNA experience to meet the diverse tourism needs of tourists, promote the prosperity of the night tourism market, and accelerate the development of the night tourism economy in TBNA.

During the festival, Tianjin Fantawild World opened the night scene until 21 o'clock. Visitors and family and friends opened the White Plus Black garden mode, playing for 12 hours, national style performances colliding with the trend elements, dynamic street dance, Washan image, the castle light show and other exciting programs took turns, and the night tour was cooler. Haichang Polar Ocean World held the Night in the Polar, Fish and I Sleep Together activity. Dozens of children and family members followed the lecturers at the aquarium to explore the pure polar world and enter the dreamland in the undersea tunnel, spending an ocean wonderful night.

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