TEDA receives another 200-billion-yuan financing credit

2019-06-14 14:54

After obtaining a total of 70 billion yuan of financing credits from Bank of China and China Everbright Bank, the Tianjin Economic-technological Development Area (abbreviated as TEDA) has successively signed strategic cooperation agreements with four banks. This time, the cooperative banks have given intentional credits to TEDA totaling 200 billion yuan.

The banks that signed the strategic cooperation agreement with the TEDA are China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and Hua Xia Bank. The four banks will provide the TEDA intentional financing support with no less than 80 billion yuan, 50 million yuan, 50 billion yuan and 20 billion yuan respectively in the next five years.

The financial resources brought by many financing credits will become the source of the next vital development of TEDA. Next, the financing of 100 billion yuan will be invested in eight key areas such as Infrastructure Construction, Free Trade Zone Construction, Strategic Emerging Industry and Smart TEDA Construction, which will fully empower TEDA. It is claimed that since the beginning of this year, several economic indicators in TEDA have grown significantly, the real economy has maintained a good momentum of development, and the results of investment promotion are gratifying. The coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region has been solidly promoted. The business environment has been continuously optimized. As they continue to be optimistic about the prospects for regional development, major banks have made letters to TEDA to help the development of the real economy.

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