Tax reduction in Tianjin Port Free Tree Zone

2019-06-14 14:55

The large-scale tax reduction and fee reduction policy can not only reduce the burden on enterprises, but also bring tangible benefits to employees. The increase of personal income tax exemption points and six special additional deductions directly cause many employees to pay a less than 5,000 yuan at least in one year... Recently, the Tianjin Port FTZ Taxation Bureau invited representatives from 10 different industries, such as China Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd. and Hengyin Financial Technology Co., Ltd., to hold a special symposium for tax reduction and fee reduction, talking about the measures to reduce the fees and landings and the reform dividends and gain experience.

At the symposium, the relevant person in charge of the taxation department introduced the achievements of the FTZ in implementing tax reduction and fee reduction policies, improving service methods, optimizing the business environment, etc., and responded to the problems and demands raised by the representatives of the enterprises. The representatives of the company introduced the company's preferential policies and introduced the feelings around the tax reduction and fee reduction policies in combination with the characteristics of the industry. They also made suggestions on how to further optimize the policy structure and policy implementation.

China Railway Design Group Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in engineering survey, design and general contracting of railways, urban rail transit, highways and other industries. Thanks to the value added tax (VAT for short) rate reduction policy implemented since April 1, the company's VAT and tax attached to the levy in May was reduced by more than 2 million yuan. MCC Tiangong Group Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the construction industry of the FTZ. For the benefit of the tax reduction and reduction policy, Ms. Gao, the financial director of the company, is deeply touched. The policy of reducing the VAT rate from 11% to 9%, We expect to reduce taxes by about 5 million yuan for the whole year. As a high-tech enterprise, the increase in the deduction ratio of research and development expenses has directly saved us more than 9 million yuan of corporate income tax. At the same time, the tax reduction effect of individual taxes is also obvious. We have more than 4,000 employees. From the current situation in the past few months, the personal income tax is a double discount.

The tax reduction and fee reduction policy reduces the tax burden of enterprises, saves the capital cost of enterprises, and increases the cash flow and development vitality of enterprises. The tax reduction effect of large enterprises is obvious, and for small and micro enterprises, this large-scale tax reduction and fee reduction policy also makes them feel full. Ms. Li, the head of Tianjin Noah's Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. said that we are a private small and micro enterprise. From January 1 this year, the small-scale sales will not exceed 100,000 yuan (quarter sales will not exceed 300,000 yuan). The policy of taxpayers exempting from VAT is particularly beneficial to us. Because we have less than 300,000 yuan in quarterly sales. The VAT is directly exempted, and the annual VAT is expected to be reduced by about 50%.

The relevant person in charge of the Tianjin Port FTZ Taxation Bureau said that in order to maximize the convenience of taxpayers, the FTZ Taxation Bureau acted promptly to take the initiative to ensure that the tax reduction and fee reduction policy came into effect. At the same time, it will further strengthen the feedback mechanism for taxpayers and contributors, and make full efforts to follow the work of service optimization, self-examination and evaluation after the tax reduction and fee reduction policy, ensuring a more favorable policy dividend mechanism. It will be more effective to promote the policy dividends with more convenient tax payment services. The FTZ Taxation Bureau will strengthen the Tightness and Cleaning new-type political and business relations, and ensure that the tax reduction and fee reduction policies are operational, implemented, and stabilized.

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