Over 10,000 vehicles registered on Tianjin Port One Code Platform

2019-06-14 14:57

As of June 11, over 10,000 vehicles were registered on the Tianjin Port's import and export container One Code logistics information data platform (hereinafter referred to as the One Code Platform).

It is claimed that the One Code Platform is based on modern logistics concepts and modern technologies such as cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, mobile applications, etc., integrating the information resources of key logistics nodes in ports and hinterlands, optimizing logistics and supply chain. The big data platform system of the operation process is also an important measure for Tianjin to further improve the port informationization level, reduce the comprehensive cost, improve the operation efficiency, and promote the construction of smart ports. Since it was launched in April this year, it has been commissioned in various yards to increase publicity and promotion, conduct business training for truck drivers, and improve the utilization rate of One Code.

Previously, the Tianjin Port Group only grasped the container equipment and logistics information within the terminal area. The information outside the scope was usually controlled by each box and pipe yard, which caused poor information sharing among the container transportation of the shipping company, the ship generation, the yard, the freight forwarding and the terminal company, which greatly affected the efficiency of port operations. At the same time, the exchange of information among the box man, the dock and the yard through paper transfer documents wastes a lot of manpower and material resources, and there is also the risk of container handover.

In order to solve this problem, improve service quality and efficiency, and build a new competitive advantage for Tianjin Port, the Municipal Transportation Commission and the Municipal Port and Shipping Administration vigorously promoted the construction of port information, and jointly established the One Code Platform with Tianjin Port Group. The One Code Platform adheres to the design concept of one input and all ports implementation. All the container information within the scope of import and export process realizes the whole process of interconnection and communication, so that all participants in the port production and operation can feel convenient, efficient, economic and transparent services."

In the future, after the paperless transfer of container equipment has been fully realized, it can directly reduce more than 40 million sheets of paper per year; it can save 7702 tons of standard coal for energy consumption due to manual handling of single-handed business, and reduce carbon emissions by 23,900 tons; the comprehensive cost of the participants will be reduced by about 165 million yuan. The platform is also built to realize real-time data update and multi-user sharing. Through unified data standards and operational procedures, it provides a data foundation and unified channel for the port to further improve efficiency and for various service platform creation.

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