Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone and Tianjin Textile Group Sign a Cooperation Agreement for Implementing the Overall Transformation and Upgrading and Creating a High-end Service Industry Park

2019-06-17 09:09

With another great development change in textile industry with a history of a hundred years, the transformation and upgrading of the Tianjin Textile Industry Park has been ready for development. Recently, Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone signed a cooperation agreement with Tianjin Textile Group for implementing the overall transformation and upgrading of textile industry park and creating a new service industry park for emerging industries, financial innovation, technology research and development, Internet big data and e-sports industries featured by the “four integrations”.

In 2003, Tianjin Textile Group actively responded to the strategic eastward moving of industry put forward by the municipal party committee, invested nearly RMB 5 billion, became one of the first enterprises settled in the Airport Economic Area of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, built a textile intensive production base, introduced advanced equipment from home and abroad, and formed the whole process industrial chain of cotton textiles, printing and dyeing, yarn-dyed, wool textile, home textile, clothing and health care products. It has an annual output of 20,000 ton cotton yarn, 180 million meter cotton cloth, 100 million meter printing and dyeing cloth, 5,000 ton dyed yarn, 22 million high-grade yarn-dyed products, 20 million meter extra-wide decorative fabrics and 500,000 set medium-to-high-grade bed series beddings, including “Chinese Time-honored Brands”, Tianjin “Brand-name Products” and Tianjin “Famous Trademarks” such as “Diyang”, “Renli”, “Feitian” and “Tianyi”, etc. .

As a former industrial pillar of Tianjin, the textile industry in Tianjin boasts a glorious history. With the industrial transformation & upgrading and high-quality development of Tianjin, the development of labor-intensive industries is unsustainable in large cities. With a hundred year’s dream and facing the new opportunities, the transformation and development path of Tianjin’s textile industry is highly compatible with the great efforts of Tianjin Port Free Trade Port Zone in the development of the prospect of strategic emerging industries; by meeting new challenges and opening up new journey, the new park is created to become a key project for the promotion of high-quality development of Tianjin Port Free Trade Port Zone. By adhering to the guidance of new development concept, focusing on optimization of industrial layout, enhancing the business environment and attracting strategic partners to introduce large and good projects, Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone and Tianjin Textile Group will work together to accelerate the construction of the new park into a new landmark of international ecological vitality and a demonstration project for city-industry integration in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone through the high standard planning, high-level construction and high-quality operations.

The relevant person in charge of Tianjin Textile Group stated that the park will be transformed and upgraded, and the textile manufacturing industry will be fully moved out by means of vacating cage to change bird so as that the high-end industry can be introduced and the industrial layout can be reconstructed to form the most important transformation and development growth pole of Tianjin Textile. The new park will retain the headquarters of Tianjin Textile Group. As a witness of the 100 years’ history of Tianjin textile, Tianjin Textile Museum will continue to inherit the history and culture of Tianjin textile.

According to the introduction made by the relevant person in charge of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone will seize the strategic opportunities such as the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei according to the positioning of “One Base and Three Areas”, transform and upgrade the Tianjin Textile Industrial Park into a modern service industry industrial park, and make the new park the most competitive high-end service industry industrial park in China. In addition, it will drive the high-end industries and high-end talents in the surrounding areas to gather, allow the core areas of the area to achieve great-leap-forward development towards new industries and new kinetic energy and promote the high-quality development of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone.

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